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 21 May 2018

Might better treatments be available for people with ADHD, depression, Alzheimer’s Disease, or schizophrenia if we could turn on—or off—the right genes in the brain?

 16 May 2018

“We must stop eating!' cried Toad as he ate another.”
―Arnold Lobel, Frog and Toad Together

Frog and Toad are friends, and sharing is what friends do, so of course Frog and Toad will share the food they find around their pond! Help Frog and Toad figure out how many flies to eat, and how many to leave flying around. Practice your addition, subtraction, fractions, and other elementary school math skills in this week’s word problem challenge.

Question: A frog eats half of the flies around a pond. A toad eats a third of the remaining flies. What fractional part of the flies are left at the pond?

Do your best! And be sure to check back tomorrow for the solution.

 14 May 2018


"If the world was the size of a basketball, my house would be as big as a flea’s flea!”

This is an example of how a seven year old once expressed proportional thinking to Mathnasium's Co-Founder and Chief Education Officer, Larry Martinek. Of course, this seven year old didn't know he was expressing proportional thinking at the time, he just knew it was fun to think about familiar objects changing size in relation to other familiar objects! 

29 Nov'17

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16 Nov'17

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11 Jan'17

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