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"We have seen marked improvement in not only our elementary school aged child's math abilities after only five months, but also in focus, concentration, reasoning, and self-discipline. Mathnasium's techniques and confidence-building approach is extremely effective with math, but also affects the way the brain approaches problem-solving and accomplishing difficult tasks. We are extremely pleased that overall academic progress is happening in school, which teachers have noticed, especially in, but not limited to math, because of Mathnasium!"
- -Elizabeth, parent of 4th grader

Thanks for all of the work you've done with him. We just got back his CRT test for 5th grade and he got 85%! Yahoo! What an improvement from last year's 60%! We absolutely couldn't have done it without you! Thank you! Thank you! His test scores which were on average 30%, now come in in the mid 80%. This is a 50% improvement over the course of the year. His confidence and comfort level has also increased. Thank you. Also, a very special thank you to Ryan (who I think Sam calls Grandpa). He not only has shown tremendous interest in Sam's math but has also attended his school plays and events to show his support. These personalized efforts really rally Sam up and make manifest of all the great work you do there to personalize the educational efforts and to tailor-make a learning plan.
- - Laura, parent of 5th grader

Aiden absolutely loves Mathnasium. He's a gifted child and has a mathematical mind. He loves being challenged in new ways and has fun engaging in the program. Aiden's instructors are kind and patient and understand how to work with a child like him. In fact, Aiden loves Mathnasium so much he asks to come every day! I love how excited my son is to learn and grow. It is thrilling to see how engaged and connected he is to the Mathnasium process.
- - April, parent of 2nd grader

Our 14 year-old son faced an extremely challenging Algebra course, and Mathnasium was critical in helping him. At Mathnasium, he was able to focus, make clear goals, and get help with difficult problems. Mathnasium taught him problem-solving tactics that continue to serve him. And the Mathnasium environment and schedule gave him renewed focus when he needed it. We are so grateful to have Mathnasium as a resource, and strongly recommend it to any student of math.
- -Mother of 9th grader

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