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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

CenterDirectorSarah Williamson, Center Director 

Sarah's enthusiasm for Mathnasium comes from her passion for the intersection of mathematics and community. She has over nine years of experience tutoring and teaching STEM subjects at the K-12, collegiate, and adult learning levels. She previously worked for five years as a software developer and android platform analyst for the private industry and as a technical instructor within the public sector in Washington DC. Along the way, Sarah discovered Mathnasium and began working evenings as an instructor for three years, where she realized how impactful Mathnasium could be. With her move to the West Coast, she made the transition into Education full-time as the Center Director of Mathnasium of Redwood City. She is proud to be serving the Redwood City community. She believes Mathnasium is where bright futures are imagined and truly realized.


Sarah completed her engineering degree in Computer Science and Mathematics at Virginia Tech, with a focus on Communication Technology and Gender Studies. She spends her free time drinking coffee, exploring the outdoors, and volunteering with the local Food and Nutrition Center to promote community health and nutrition awareness. 

CenterDirectorBeatrice Chan, Owner/Managing Director

Beatrice earned her degree at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in East Asian Languages and Cultures with a Minor in Business. After earning her degree, Beatrice moved to Silicon Valley in 2001 and worked for 9 years as an Account Manager and Program Manager with startup companies that had a strong presence in the Education market.During that time, Beatrice was heavily involved with Healthy Cities Tutoring of San Carlos, teaching children before work. Realizing that there was a severe need for math enrichment, she soon after ventured on her own to tutor Math all around Redwood City and San Carlos. Her ability to help children understand the concepts of math and the demand for her services is what prompted Beatrice to open up a Mathnasium Center. 

Beatrice is passionate about making children knowledgeable and successful in understanding Mathematical concepts, all while having fun! She believes that being fluent in Math not only boosts a child's confidence, but also empowers them to reach their fullest potential. This passion is what drives her to be a proud member of the Mathnasium Family.

Brianna, Senior Instructor

Brianna is from Wahiawa, Hawai'i. She has come to Northern California to study Accounting at Menlo College. At Menlo, Brianna also serves as a Peer Tutor through the college's Academic Success Center, where she provides help in all math topics provided at Menlo and also basic level Accounting. She holds a passion for giving back to the communities that contribute to her growth and sees Mathnasium as a great way to start giving back to her surrounding community as well as opening doors for students to pursue professions which require math skills! After college, Brianna will take her analytical and mathematical strengths to work in the Public Audit Advisory field with a big four accounting firm.

Shiva, Senior Instructor

Shiva is a Senior at Sequoia High School, currently studying BC Calculus. She has had previous tutoring experience with Healthy Cities Tutoring as well as through peer-tutoring programs at Sequoia. She has always had a love for math, primarily because of the hidden creativity found in designing new ways to solve or explain a problem. While she is not working at Mathnasium, Shiva enjoys dancing with Sequoia’s Advanced Dance Class, the Sequoia Dance Team, and the San Carlos School of Ballet. She also plays the tuba, sousaphone, and baritone with Sequoia’s Advanced Band. 

Savvy, Senior Instructor

Savvy is a Senior at Sequoia High School. She is taking AP Statistics. She loves math because there is always something new to figure out and when that happens it is an amazing moment! Savvy loves to teach kids so they can have those very same moments. She is also the president of a club at Sequoia centered around helping people. In her free time, she loves to sing on her own and in the Sequoia Choir, play ukulele, run, and hang out with friends. 

Josh, Instructor

Josh is currently attending Cañada College. He hopes to one day pursue a career in medicine and wishes to transfer to UC Davis. His love of math stems from a love of science and he believes there is nothing more satisfying than applying math to a real-world problem to find a solution. He believes that with a little bit of work and proper instruction, math can be fun and accessible to anyone. Joshua enjoys working at Mathnasium because of the wonderful staff around him, the engaging and exciting curriculum, and the enjoyment of helping a student understand and learn to love a subject that may once have been frustrating for him or her.

Jean, Instructor

A native of Ireland,  Jean studied at Dublin City University and earned her degree in International Marketing and Japanese spending one year in Japan as part of the program. After falling in love with the country, Jean moved back to Japan to pursue her Masters in International Economics at Kanazawa University and was called upon to teach faculty members and students at various times during her stay. Jean then moved to San Diego and later the Bay Area where she worked as an engineering program manager in various tech companies. However, her love was always with teaching and again, Jean found herself tutoring many of the Japanese expats living in the area. Jean is extremely excited to work with the children at Mathnasium and watch them develop and grow their confidence in math which is such an important part of our world today. 

Gary, Instructor

Gary brings a wealth of experience working in the STEM fields to Mathnasium. He holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from Cal Poly. He enjoys showing students the real-world applications of math and how a strong math foundation can open infinite doors for childrens' futures. Gary truly believes Mathnasium of Redwood City is building the future engineers of the Bay Area! In his spare time, Gary enjoys tinkering with electronics, photography, and spending time with his wife and children.

Ellen, Instructor

Ellen brings her love of tutoring to Mathnasium. As a regular chemistry tutor, she has seen firsthand how students can be held back by a lack of confidence in math. This fires her passion for tutoring math. She loves watching students gain confidence in school subjects and particularly believes that advancing in math helps students advance in life. 

Ellen has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Illinois and worked in New Zealand and Singapore, before settling in the Bay Area. Currently, she is pursuing an MBA at Santa Clara University and relaxes by swimming laps and going for long walks, preferably with a dog. 

James, Instructor

James brings a wealth of tutoring experience and upper-level math knowledge to Mathnasium of Redwood City. James graduated with his Bachelors in Mathematics from Lawrence University in Wisconsin and Masters degree in Applied Mathematics from Illinois Institute of Technology. While working in the Silicon Valley tech world, he specializes in data visualizations and data analytics, but he enjoys teaching students part-time as well. James is passionate about building confidence and conveying the real-world STEM application of math to upper-level students here at Mathnasium. He has tutored math for many years through various education centers including Mathnasium and C2 Education. In his spare time, James plays ultimate frisbee and enjoys the outdoors and fitness.

Josh, Instructor

Josh loves helping kids learn and understand how math can be used in everyday life by making math fun. Having struggled in school himself, Josh knows how much a little bit of tutoring can impact a student's overall attitude towards learning. Josh believes that sometimes all it takes to become interested in math is to understand it. He looks forward to helping boost students' confidence just like others have done for him in the past. 

Mollie, Instructor

Mollie is currently a student at University of California San Diego. Math is her favorite subject in school and she is taking AP Statistics and Multi-Variable Calculus through a Canada College course taught on the Woodside High School campus. She is also one of 50,000 Commended Students who could become National Merit Scholar Semifinalists. Aside from teaching at Mathnasium, she enjoys singing, dancing, and participating in plays and musicals. 

Laurel, Instructor

Laurel is a student from University of California, Santa Barbara. She is currently taking multivariable calculus and AP Statistics, and she has also taken AP Physics C: Mechanics and AP Computer Science. Her favorite subject is physics because she loves seeing how math can be applied to everything around us. Laurel loves to work with students who struggle in math and help build their confidence to do well in school. In her free time, she enjoys hiking with her dog and playing water polo.

Andrew, Instructor

Andrew is a Senior at Sequoia High School currently taking a pre-calculus class. Andrew has always loved working with kids and has been at Mathnasuim for several years proir for extra help. His favorite activities for after school are golf and videogames. He finds it fascinating how much numbers are used in the games he plays. 

Jay, Instructor

Jay is a Senior at Sequoia High School currently taking AP calculus. An avid math competitor in math competitions since elementary school, his love of math and math competitions has never stopped. In his free time, Jay plays baseball and golf and is in the leadership program at Sequoia High School. Above all else, Jay is a mega-fan of "Survivor" and has never missed an episode.

Natali, Instructor

Natali is a Senior at Sequoia High School. She is currently studying BC Calculus and has tutoring experience with Reading Partners. She enjoys learning and tutoring math because of the endless real-world applications it has, and the satisfaction that comes along with mastering a new concept. In addition to school and Mathnasium, Natali spends her free time playing volleyball and lacrosse, and spending time with her friends.

Emma, Instructor

Emma is a Junior at Woodside High School currently taking a linear algebra course through Cañada College.  She has taken AP Calculus AB and BC and has tutored at Project Read.  Emma's favorite subject is math, which she sees as a puzzle; she loves helping kids understand the creative aspects of it by approaching problems from a variety of angles.  Outside of Mathnasium, Emma enjoys dancing, reading, and writing for her school's newspaper.

Perrine, Instructor

Perrine attends Hillsdale High School in San Mateo and is currently taking Geometry. She has a passion for math and for helping others to succeed and enjoys math because it can be applied to daily life activities. Perrine really enjoys working with kids because she loves seeing them grow as students. Her experience with children includes taking care of her younger siblings, babysitting, and being involved with leadership throughout her school. In her free time, Perrine enjoys dancing at Ayako School of Ballet, spending time with her friends and family, and hiking with her dog. Because she was an enrichment student at Mathnasium herself through elementary and middle school, Perrine was inspired by her previous instructors to become an instructor and benefit her community, and has firsthand experienced the benefit of Mathnasium to accelerate and challenge her math.