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Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

CenterDirectorAndrew Kelly, Owner/Managing Director 

After spending several years as an information technology specialist in corporate America, Andrew is excited to be directing his time and energy into helping students excel in math. Andrew has a B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Maine and an MBA in Finance from Rollins College. He served as a weather officer in the Air Force and is a decorated Desert Storm veteran. He also served in the U.S. Peace Corps as a teacher in Kazakhstan, where he gained an appreciation for the profession of teaching and learned to speak fluent Russian. He lives in Palm Harbor where he enjoys spending time on the water with his family and their golden retriever puppy Archie (who will pop into the center when he's fully house broken).

Fun Fact:  I once did stand-up comedy in New York City

Favorite Number:  4, because of the symmetry.

Favorite Math Joke:  "I put my root beer in a square glass, now its just beer."


Robin Belcher, Assistant Center Director

After spending over 23 years teaching middle and high school math, Robin decided to find another avenue to help children build math skills.  Mathnasium fits that desire perfectly!  Robin has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Towson University and a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from McDaniel College.  Originally from Maryland, Robin now resides in Clearwater with her husband.  In her spare time you can find Robin on the golf course or on the beach (hopefully only in the sand at the latter!).

Fun Fact:  Robin has her motorcycle license.

Favorite Number:  24 (Go Jeff Gordon!)

Favorite Math Joke:  What do you call when a mathematician's parrot has not been fed?  "Poly"no meal". 


Luis Nogueira, Lead Instructor 

Luis is pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics at USF.  Math has always been a favorite subject of Luis' and he believes its the most important of all subjects!  Luis is also a part-time software programmer and has even created a few iPhone apps.  When he's not building his own math skills or programming Luis enjoys camping and playing board games.

Fun Fact:  Luis is a new husband!

Favorite Number:  9.  On my 9th birthday on December 9th I wore my #9 soccer jersey.  It was the best birthday so the number has stuck with me ever since.

Favorite Math Joke:  "Parallel lines have so much in common.  Its a shame they'll never meet."


Katie Gertz, Instructor

Katie is pursuing her B.S. in Architecture at  (or you can just call it MIT :)).  She's enjoying spending her time off living in  her hometown of Tampa, where she attended Middleton High School's engineering program, was president of the Mu Alpha Theta math team and graduated as the magnet program's Valedictorian.  Katie loves helping people learn math, science, music, all sort of things!  At MIT she is part of an an a cappella group The Muses, as well as the AEPhi sorority.  At home she Katie enjoys singing and reading poetry at open mics, photography and having fun with her family and friends (and of course her two cats!).

Fun Fact:  I bought an inflatable kayak when I was 11 (I saved my money for years, I was pretty obsessed with it), and I got SCUBA certified at 12.  I love the water!

Favorite Number:  As an avid science fiction fan I have many favorite numbers.  Obviously 42 is at the top of my list but 1, 4 and 9 come in close seconds.  There's 3 in third place and 451 in fourth.  If you can tell me what those all mean I'll give you extra reward stamps!

Favorite Math Joke:  "A man walks into a restaurant and orders a glass of water.  Another man walks in and orders a half a glass of water.  More and more people come in and order half as much water as the person before them.  The waiter throws up his hands, pours two glasses of water for everyone to share and leaves."  (That's a rare calculus math joke!)

I Choose to Work at Mathnasium Because:  "I love the Mathnasium teaching philosophy.  It lets everyone learn at their own pace with the tools that are right for them.  I also love seeing the difference we make in our students' lives.  Also the people I work with are caring, nerdy and fun!


Faith Colaguori, Instructor 

Faith is a senior at Braulio Alonso High School.  She is planning on attending the Georgia Institute of Technology in the fall, where she will major in Biomedical Engineering.  Besides attending school and working at Mathnasium, Faith spends her time serving as the drum major of the Alonso High School Marching Band and president of both the National Honor Society and International BETA Club.  As if that's not a full enough schedule Faith finds the time to manage her online book blog, which has attained over 10,000 followers!

Fun Fact:  I can play three different instruments:  the clarinet, tenor saxophone and the piano!

Favorite Number:  12! My birthday is 12/12 and it has always been my lucky number!

Favorite Math Joke:  Why is the obtuse triangle always upset?  Because its never right!

I Choose to Work at Mathnasium Because:  I enjoy working with kids, and I love knowing I'm making a difference in their lives! In addition, I think its absolutely imperative that children comprehend mathematics in order to be successful in life.

Marcus Hammel, Instructor 

Originally from San Jose, California Marcus graduated with a BFA in Art-Graphic Design from Molloy College in Long Island, NY.  He has experience in tutoring students in math as well as training players of all ages in soccer.  When not teaching young Mathletes Marcus enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons playing and watching sports, going to the beach or having movie nights.  His favorite numbers are 7 and 13 and he's always up for a good jumble or crossword puzzle!

Fun Fact:  I share the same name as Luke Skywalker (except he has an extra L in Hammel).

Favorite Number:  I have two, 7 and 13, because they are prime examples of complimentary luck!

Favorite Math Joke:  A student went into math class and said to the teacher "To show you how well I understand fraction, I've only done half of my homework."

I Choose to Work at Mathnasium Because: The feeling of seeing a student achieve that "Aha!" moment when they understand is beyond words and very satisfying.


Kim Leonard, Instructor

Kim has her B.S. in Animal Science from the University of Rhode Island (Go Rhody!) but chooses to teach math to humans.  She has experience as a tutor in many subjects and is excited to help students conquer math here at Mathnasium.


Fun Fact:  My dog and I have matching eyebrows.  His are better.

Favorite Number:  22.

Favorite Math Joke:  "Math class is the only place where you go to buy 60 watermelons and nobody wonders why."

I Like Working at Mathnasium Because:  I want to help kids succeed and not be scared of math!


Olivia Landgraf, Instructor

Olivia is a senior in high school and is enrolled in the Early College Program and Saint Petersburg College.  She is the youngest of 3 and has lived in Florida her whole life.  ALthough she really loves teaching math she wants to be a doctor one day.

Fun Fact:  I am a 4th Degree Black Belt!

Favorite Number:  73, I just always liked how it looked for some reason.

Favorite Math Joke:  "Math books are always unhappy because they have a lot of problems."

I Like Working at Mathnasium Because:  I love math and I think everyone else is able to love it, someone just as to show them and help them understand how great it is!