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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

CenterDirectorAndre Bertrand, Owner and Center Director 

Andre is Center Director at Mathnasium of Albany-Berkeley. Prior to opening his center, Andre was a Senior VP at iHeartRadio in New York City.  With an Electrical Engineering degree from McGill University, he has worked for more than 25 years as an engineer in telecommunications and multimedia.  Over the years, he has done extensive coaching, teaching, and trouble-shooting.  Originally from Canada, Andre has lived in Germany, Panama, New York, and Texas. Since moving to the Bay area a few years ago with his wife, a Cal Professor, and their two school-age children, Andre has become an active parent in the community. Realizing the need for more individualized attention and targeted learning in math, Andre decided to bring Mathnasium to the Albany-Berkeley area.  He is committed to sharing his enthusiasm for math and to bringing the Mathnasium Method to the children in the community.


Paul Taylor, Assistant Director

Paul has been working in education, and working with youth, for the last several years. This includes working in special ed., tutoring math at the college level, and teaching logic and critical thinking. More recently he obtained an AS degree in mathematics, with the hopes of better teaching math to young people. In his free time, he likes to explore the great outdoors of the bay area.

Vini Madapoosi, Assistant Director

Vini is a junior student at UC Berkeley who would like to become an accountant. She enjoys reading, especially about history and culture. She's had three years of experience as a tutor and loves helping young students gain confidence in their math skills.

Simon Yong, Instructor

Simon is a Senior at Albany High School who is currently taking AP Statistics. He has experience teaching young kids the piano, and is eager to work with kids in the future. He enjoys many activities, including computer programming and robotics. In his spare time, he enjoys playing the piano, listening to music, and reading.

Willy Cheung, Instructor

Willy is a senior at UC Berkeley. He studies Integrative Biology and he hopes to one day be a sports medicine physician working with athletes. Willy shares a strong interest teaching children because he loves being a role model. Willy had an older brother who helped him along the way and he wants to do the same for the younger generation. In his free time, Willy enjoys watching movies of all genres, reading sci-fi novels, and playing pickup basketball.

Kun Lee, Instructor

Kun has recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a bachelor's degree in physics. He has experience leading college chemistry review sessions. He also has been giving sailing instructions for over three years. He loves tutoring because it makes what sometimes can be a difficult subject into more manageable team effort. He hopes to be a valuable teammate in the mathematics journey, that not only guides students but also learns from them.

Hawk Rajjoub, Instructor

Hawk is a senior at Albany High. He is currently taking AP Statistics. In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball, doing robotics with the Albany High Robotics Club, and listening to music. Hawk has three younger siblings, all of which he tutors. He is also a peer tutor at the high school, and really enjoys seeing academic development in the young generation. He hopes to study medicine and pursue a future in the medical field.

Rian Montagh, Instructor

Rian is a senior at Albany High School and is taking AP Calculus BC. She has always enjoyed math and she believes that each student has the ability to learn in their own way. Finding the best way to explain concepts in the manner that makes sense for students is very rewarding for her. Rian also loves being in nature, playing sports, including soccer, golf, and basketball, and reading all types of books.

Hailey Park, Instructor

Hailey is a senior at Albany High School who is currently taking AP Statistics. She enjoys math and teaching, and hopes to instill this same passion in her students. Hailey is a peer tutor at her high school, and also has experience tutoring her younger sister in math. She believes that math can be more approachable with the right foundation, technique, and instruction, and is committed to helping students develop their own confidence in their math abilities. Her interests include reading, playing soccer, listening to music, and exploring new places.

Ethan Smoller, Instructor

Ethan is currently attending Berkeley City College for computer science. He has been helping his younger brothers with their math skills since high school, and hopes to not only strengthen students' foundations in calculation and problem solving, but also to spark their interest in some of the beauty and interconnectedness of many of the patterns studied by mathematicians. Why do bees build their hives in hexagons? Can you fit a cube through itself? What would a 4-dimensional ball look like if it rolled around in our 3D world? These are a few of the many fascinating questions only answerable in the language of mathematics, and inspiring that fascination and inquisitiveness in young math students is something Ethan really strives for.

Luke Mendelman-Haenn, Instructor

Luke is a senior studying mathematics and computer science at UC Berkeley. After moving from Austin, Texas to Berkeley in 2014, he has tutored math to students at multiple Berkeley middle schools. Aside from math, he enjoys a long bike ride and a game of pickup soccer. With a strong math background and love of teaching young scholars, he hopes to share his passion of mathematics as an instructor at Mathnasium.

Toufiq Hossain, Instructor

Toufiq is a senior at Albany High and he is currently taking AP Calculus AB. In his spare time, he enjoys hanging out with friends, playing soccer, and cooking. He is also a peer tutor at Albany High School. In the future, he hopes to study economics and enter the financial field.

Ashley Chrisman, Instructor

Ashley is a sophomore at UC Berkeley majoring in Molecular Environmental Biology. In her free time she enjoys spending time outdoors rock climbing, slacklining, and backpacking. Ashley is intrigued by how deeply intertwined math and nature are. Did you know the spirals on pine cones naturally grow in a Fibonacci sequence? Math is all around us: in nature, biology, physics, the classroom, and so much more.

Peter Weiss, Instructor

Peter retired from full time classroom teaching in 2017. While he taught primarily high school classes, he has also tutored students of all ages. He has taught everything from Pre-Algebra to Calculus. In addition to his teaching credential, Peter has a BA in Math, BFA in Drama, and MS in Computer Science. Before teaching, he spent 35 years in Los Angeles building up a business which is a necessary and highly respected part of the casting process of films, television shows, and plays. He also performed as an actor in numerous stage and film productions as well as played and coached basketball for over 40 years.