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News from Mathnasium of Arden Arcade

Students Who Love Math

Feb 1, 2018

STUDENTS WHO LOVE MATH REAP BENEFITS FAR BEYOND SCHOOL YEARS This Valentine’s day, Mathnasium owner shows parents how to nurture a love of math in their kids Students who love math experience significant benefits which continue throughout th...

Five Signs that your Child is Struggling with Math

Oct 5, 2017

Now that school is back in full swing, new math ideas are coming at students every day. Math topics taught in class today build on concepts taught in years prior; kids fall behind in math because they lack the prerequisite skills necessary to do w...

Math Test-Taking Strategies to Boost Confidence

Sep 19, 2017

Math anxiety can easily undermine the hard work students have invested throughout the year, lowering their scores on standardized tests and jeopardizing their chances to take advanced classes or enroll in the schools of their choice.   But r...

Do You "Math" with your Child?

Sep 5, 2017

Most parents are eager to help their children do well in school, but they’re not giving them the tools necessary for success in their math classes. Parents play a huge role in instilling the number sense their children require to be successful. ...

Counting - The Basis of Number Sense

Aug 18, 2017

I have often heard students coming out of a class saying, "That stuff doesn't make sense!" This is because many students have not developed a good general sense of the mathematical subject matter that is presented at school. Students are not provi...

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