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Beat the Summer Heat

Apr 18, 2016

School is almost out and that means that Summer break is right around the corner. Breathe deep and relax. You can do it, just a couple more tests and you can relax from the normal school schedule. Freedom is a few weeks away.

Now while Summer often mean trips to museums, parks, beaches and other places Summer fun it also means Summer Brain Drain. 

Summer Brain Drain is the learning lost during the summer months. During the 3 months of summer break, most students lose approximately 2 months of grade level equivalency with mathematics computation skills. 

While some schools offer summer reading and practice math packets home, its fairly common that most kids run out of things to do. Very often many parents struggle to find enough activities for their children to do and keep them occupied. 

While Summer Brain Drain can be a nasty it can be prevented. That lost knowledge can be preserved by practicing and sharpening your skills for an hour per day or even an hour every other day. That leaves you with over 160 hours to have fun, sleep, travel and destress from the chaos that comes with the school year. 

Luckily Mathnasium of Palo Alto/Menlo Park keeps its doors open and the AC on during the summer months offering quality tutoring. Our program is perfect for keeping those freshly learned skills sharp and gives students the opportunity they need to take on that next year strong and easy. 

So come on in this Summer to help prevent Summer brain drain and spend some time with Mathnasium of Palo Alto/ Menlo Park.