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The Cure For Math Boredom

Oct 9, 2017

THE CURE FOR MATH BOREDOM Gifted Students?  AP or Honors Students?  Any of them can catch this disease at school. Suppose your AP student has math skills that are ahead of the class.  He or she isn’t challenged or stretched.  You might have ...

Is homework time stressful at your house?

Oct 2, 2017

Want to see your children smile when doing MATH homework? Do your children whine and complain about their math homework? The frowns and complaints can really ruin an evening. Wouldn’t you like to see smiles instead? You can. Not only does th...

Is your child using broken math tools

Sep 21, 2017

Fix "Broken" Math Tools Have you ever used a broken or ineffective tool? The tool can be anything from a dull knife, a phone, or a remote needing new batteries. I bet you got frustrated every time you used the tool. Maybe you didn’t get it fixe...

Is the kitchen table the best place to focus on math homework?

Sep 11, 2017

Math Homework Deserves a Special Place Children don’t excel in math (or reading, or dance, or karate, or anything) by accident. It takes focus and work. Think about it. People go to art studios, swimming pools, dance studios, libraries, dojos, ...

Know the Difference Between Excuses and Empathy in Math Class

Sep 5, 2017

Struggling Kids feel Frustrated and Overwhelmed Do you know a child who struggles in math, or another subject?  Sometimes kids who are struggling get so overwhelmed they stop giving that subject their best effort. As a parent or teacher you wan...

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