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Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

David Loveland, Center Director/Owner

David holds professional teacher certifications for secondary mathematics in Florida and Virginia. He graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a Bachelor of Science degree in  Industrial Engineering. After working as an engineer for a few years, David joined the Peace Corps and was sent to Malawi as a math, commerce and world history teacher. During his time there, David fell in love with teaching and, upon returning to the US, earned his Master's Degree in Mathematics Education from Northern Arizona University. David has over 20 years of experience teaching mathematics at every level from 6th grade through AP Statistics and Calculus. He lived and taught on a Native American reservation, at international schools in Malaysia, Brazil and Angola and here in Florida before deciding to open his own business. As the owner/director of Mathnasium of Boca Raton, he is able to use his years of classroom experience and insight to continue to help students in a more personal, one-on-one approach. David has lived all over the world but is now happy to call Boca Raton home with his wife and two young children. 

Logan D. - Lead Instructor

Logan is currently a senior at FAU pursuing a degree in mathematics with a focus on applied mathematics. He works in computer science with a focus on algorithm design, leading projects such as building a ranking and seeding system for his local competitive gaming community. He started his tutoring career several years ago, tutoring his peers in their math and engineering classes and later instructing larger groups. Logan appreciates tutoring younger students as he believes that providing students with a strong foundation in math will propel them to be successful in their later classes and professional life. Outside of academics Logan enjoys casual programming, playing music, and gaming.

Eric T. - Lead Instructor

Eric has a degree in Mathematical Sciences from Florida Atlantic University.  He has always had a passion for math, whether it was learning new concepts, or analyzing a set of data it has always sparked an interest in him.  Eric is currently studying to take actuarial exams, so that he can pursue a career as an actuary and utilize his love for math.  He has always enjoyed tutoring and teaching math to others, and has spent lots of time tutoring classmates, co-workers, and friends in their math and science classes.  Eric enjoys seeing that Aha! moment in students when all the puzzle pieces come together and the student truly understands the problem.  In his spare time Eric also enjoys solving puzzles, and gaming.


Elaina G. - Instructor

Elaina is currently a student at Florida Atlantic University. She is majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in Business law and plans to receive her masters. Upon graduation, she hopes to attend law school in pursuit of a career as an attorney. Elaina has years of experience working with kids academically as a tutor at her former middle school and athletically as a volunteer volleyball coach. She enjoys working with children and helping them accomplish their goals. In addition to a love for mathematics, she also has a passion for art. She loves visiting museums and painting in her free time. 

Kevin L. - Instructor

Kevin is currently a sophomore at Florida Atlantic University. He is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and plans on receiving his masters in this degree. He has a passion for helping others grasp math material and loves to see the smile on people’s faces when they understand a concept that was once “foreign” to a student. Kevin has years of experience dealing with children at his community church being a youth ministry volunteer. He has a passion for saltwater fishing and takes every opportunity he gets to go on a boat and enjoy the fresh sea breeze while catching fish. He plans on starting a Saltwater Fishing Club at Florida Atlantic University next semester and in his future plans on opening up his own fishing charter sometime in the near future.

Tyrus W. - Instructor

Tyrus is currently a student at Florida Atlantic University where he is majoring in Finance with a minor in Mathematics. After graduation, he plans on pursuing his M.B.A, hopefully at UPenn Wharton School of Business. From an early age, math seemed as if it was second nature as he was able to grasp mathematical concepts quickly. This could be due to the fact that his mother is a teacher and really pushed education on him from an early age. Numbers always seemed to make the most sense to him and as math got harder it just continued to make more sense. Outside of academics, he is a member of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity at FAU and he can be found playing a lot of basketball and football, reading and watching Closing Bell. In the future he plans to be a hot shot Investment Banker living in New York City.

Conor C. - Instructor

Conor is currently a sophomore at Florida Atlantic University, pursuing a degree in accounting. After he graduates he hopes to get a job in a big four accounting firm. Math was always his favorite subject in school growing up, and he turned out to be very good at it. He started tutoring his friends in middle school, and never stopped from there. Conor has always enjoyed helping people. Nothing would make him happier than a friend receiving a great grade after getting tutored by him. In his free time he loves playing sports, especially lacrosse, as well as fishing. Last but not least GO OWLS!!

Jim C. - Instructor

Jim is currently a second year student at Florida Atlantic University. He plans to graduate FAU in two years with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. His love for and understanding of people allow him to be able to help just about anyone overcome tough obstacles. In the beginning of elementary, math became his best friend. During his high school years, he spent most afternoons helping classmates get along with math. In his free time, he plays basketball, soccer, and strategy related games. He believes that with confidence and a certain level of comfort, everything can be solved, including math problems.

Stephanie A. - Instructor

Stephanie is a second year student at FAU majoring in neuroscience. Some of her favorite subjects include chemistry and mathematics. One day she hopes to be a doctor and donate her time and knowledge to helping those that are less fortunate. She enjoys playing and watching football, soccer, and basketball.


David S. - Instructor

David is currently a senior at the University of Central Florida pursuing a Bachelor’s in
Statistics with minors in mathematics and actuarial science. He is fascinated with mathematics
and how it can be used to describe the universe. Having been a tutor for a few years, David
enjoys offering a different perspective that helps students see the big picture. Aside from
academics, his hobbies include chess, martial arts, running, and weight lifting.


Eric A. - Instructor

Eric has a degree from the University of Miami with a double major in Biology and Economics. He has always had a passion for mathematics and science and was his high school valedictorian. In high school and college, Eric was the one classmates always turned to for help with homework and preparation for exams. He is planning to pursue further education in psychology and mathematics. Eric gets along great with kids as he is an AFOL (an Adult Fan of Lego), with an avid affinity for anime…and alliteration. Believing it is essential to exercise the mind, body, and spirit, Eric enjoys building model kits, solving puzzles, weightlifting, and teaching.

Kate M. - Instructor

After transferring from Northeastern University to Florida Atlantic University, Kate is currently in her final year of studying for her Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering. She has a history of working with diverse populations of students from Boston to New York City to the Dominican Republic. Kate did not find a love for math until she was in her senior year of high school and has since enjoyed delving deeper into learning more advanced Calculus and helping her peers along the way. She hopes to take the Fundamentals of Engineering exam in the spring and eventually continue on to become a Professional Engineer in the state of Florida. She spends her free time playing volleyball, hula-hooping, and making embroidery pieces.