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Word Problem Wednesday: Practice Percents to GROW Your Math Skills!

Jul 11, 2018

If you want a plant to grow, you don’t “leaf” it alone, you take care of it. Likewise, if you want your math skills to grow, you have to take care of them by practicing. In this week’s word problem challenge you’ll need your foundational elemen...

Word Problem Wednesday: Measurement and Conversion Math Is Spot-On!

Jun 27, 2018

Get ready mathletes, because this week’s word problem is dog-gone grrrreat! We make no bones about it, solving this challenge will help you brush up on your measurement and conversion, as well as other elementary school math skills such as multipl...

Word Problem Wednesday: Counting Cats Brain Teaser Logic Puzzle

Jun 20, 2018

Q. Where did the school kittens go for their field trip? A. To the mewseum! What’s wrong, cat got your tongue? Don’t be skittish about solving this week’s word problem challenge. This fun brain teaser puzzle will require you to use your logic ...

Word Problem Wednesday: Estimating, Rounding, Multiplication ... Oh My!

Jun 13, 2018

Are you a collector? From baseball cards to stamps, coins to comic books, just about everyone has something they like to collect and trade. In this week’s word problem challenge, Kaylee likes to collect trading cards. Practice your elementary scho...

Word Problem Wednesday: Measuring And Converting Rain vs. Snow

Jun 6, 2018

🎶 Rain, rain, go away, come again another day… 🎶 Whatever part of the country you’re in, we hope that your winter is turning into spring, and that April showers are beginning to bring May flowers. A change in the weather can be a fun opportunit...

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