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Hello. I'm Dorianne Bondi, 
Center Director of Mathnasium Clovis-Fresno

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At Mathnasium of Clovis-Fresno, we specialize in teaching kids math the way that makes sense to them.


Why We are Different!


  • Qualified Instructors Who Teach Math Only
  • Time Tested Proprietary Curriculum With Proven Results
  • Free Initial and Routine Written and Verbal Assessments
  • Customize Learning Plans & Personalized Instruction


Call us today at (559) 298-0104
to schedule your FREE no-obligation Assessment and Consultation.


Dorianne Bondi
Center Director
Mathnasium of Clovis-Fresno
(559) 298-0104

Proudly serving zip code 93720, 93612, 93619, 93710, 93730, 93728