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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

 Nick van Vliet, Center Director

Nick graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Business Finance from Cal State University Northridge. He first joined the Mathnasium team in 2014 after learning about the impact that Mathnasium was making in students' lives. After working as the Center Director in Irvine for 2 years, he made the transition to help serve the Diamond Bar community.  He is committed to creating an encouraging environment where students can build confidence and conquer math while still having fun.  His goal is to ensure that students have an effective, engaging, and encouraging learning experience that cultivates an intuitive understanding of math. Nick loves teaching, coaching, and encouraging students to work hard and rise up to their potential. In his spare time he is actively involved in his church community and enjoys playing sports, snowboarding, competing in any game known to man, bbqs, and reading.  


Instructor Kathy, Assistant Director

Kathy graduated from Biola University with a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics with an emphasis in Secondary Education. Through the teaching credential program at Biola, she has experience teaching math in classrooms. She also was a teacher's assistant for math classes at Biola and a math tutor for high school students. Kathy has a passion for math and enjoys helping kids understand math better. She is also fluent in Mandarin! In her free time, she likes watching TV shows, playing sports, going out with friends, and reading.


 Tommy, Instructor

Tommy graduated from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona with a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Mathematics/Statistics. He is currently continuing his education by pursuing a Master's degree in Mathematics. Tommy believes that one of the greatest feelings a student can get comes from knowing that a teacher supports and believes in him or her. It is a teacher's ability to motivate that can change a student's whole perspective on learning. He hopes to continue motivating and supporting students by becoming a math teacher. In his free time, Tommy enjoys drinking coffee, finding new places to eat and exploring different parts of the world!


 Lynn, Instructor

Lynn is currently pursuing her Bachelor's in Applied Mathematics at Azusa Pacific University. Her goal is to go to medical school and provide third world countries with the medical care they need. Lynn has worked with kids for the past eight years as a preschool teacher, elementary group leader, and private tutor. Lynn loves teaching math to students because she loves when the students experience the "ah ha" moment and when they find joy in something they may not have enjoyed previously. In her free time, Lynn enjoys spending quality time with friends, eating at new restaurants, and  traveling the world.  


 Lepore, Instructor

Lepore is enrolled at Cal Poly Pomona pursuing her Bachelor’s in Physics. She has previous volunteer experience in teaching astronomy to K-12 Students and teaching art lessons to the community at a nonprofit gallery. As a student who struggled with math in Elementary School to one that later became top of her class in college, Lepore understands the challenges along the road to understanding and enjoying math and wants to help others navigate their way to success. In her free time, Lepore likes to garden, mountain bike, and read. 


 Chris, Instructor

 Chris is currently studying to obtain his Bachelor's in general physics with a minor in mathematics. Ever since he was little, he's always loved math and science classes. Math was always that class that just came easy to his brain; he even scored a 5 on his AP Calculus exam! He comes from a family of four, not including his two amazing German shepherds. His mom is a teacher's assistant and his dad is an industrial electrician that has pretty much worked everywhere in California. Chirs has a pretty outgoing personality, enough that you might see him actually jumping and running around Mathnasium, but he can be fairly serious when it comes to teaching. His hope is that one day, he'll obtain a doctorate in physics and teach physics at the college level. For now he gets to help all the amazing kids we have learn math, and he thoroughly enjoys it. 


 Ambria, Instructor

Ambria is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry at Cal Poly Pomona, and her goal is to use this degree to attend medical school.  She plays soccer for the Cal Poly Pomona women’s soccer team, and as a soccer player has helped to coach and work with kids for several years.  Math is one of her strongest subjects and she's always found herself helping out her peers with the subject.  Since she enjoys helping others learn math, she became a private math tutor in high school and also tutored voluntarily through National Honor’s Society.  She enjoys teaching math and working with kids because it is such a rewarding feeling to help students who were once struggling to become successful.  


Anthony, Instructor

Anthony is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s in Music at Chaffey College. Although music is his passion and career choice, he has had a love for numbers for his entire life. He enjoyed helping his peers with math in elementary school and began privately tutoring students in high school, and his love for teaching has grown ever since. Anthony’s goal is to help kids see math as something fascinating, not frustrating. He believes helping a student understand something they struggle with and seeing them break free of that struggle is one of the greatest joys of being a teacher. He hopes that one day he will have a classroom of his own, and that he will be a positive influence in the lives of all his students. Anthony is an avid tea drinker and likes to spend his free time playing guitar, watching TV, reading, hanging out with freinds, and solving Rubik's cubes! 


KB, Instructor

Kanwar was born and raised in Chandigarh, India. After completing his high school there, he moved to California in 2014 and studied at Irvine Valley College for two years before transferring to California State Polytechnic University, Pomona to pursue a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. His love for Mathematics and care and affection for kids made this job perfect for him. He enjoys the challenges mathematics poses and the joy of understanding and mastering these challenges. He hopes to instill the same passion and confidence in kids, helping them achieve the future success on their own. His go-to motto is "practice makes perfect". In his free time, he enjoys binge-watching Netflix movies and TV shows, reading novels, going out with friends and making new ones while exploring different parts of the world.