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Mathnasium Monthly Membership

Just like a gym -

Mathnasium offers UNLIMITED attendance

and no scheduling is required!

Elementary School Students stay ONE hour each time they visit.

Middle School Students stay ONE hour and 15 minutes each time they visit.

High School Students stay ONE hour and 30 minutes each time they visit.

Membership benefits include:

* Diagnostic testing to determine specific needs

* Customized learning plan & curriculum  (all done in the center during the session)

* Individual instruction

* Homework assistance

Mathnasium ACT / SAT Test Preparation

This program is designed for students who want to score higher on the math portions of the ACT & SAT college entrance exams. It incorporates Mathnasium’s proven methods and number sense development along with tips and strategies to prepare for and improve scores on the math portions of the ACT & SAT.

Mathnasium Summer Programs

Our summer programs will give your child the math skills needed to succeed this school year. We offer a number of programs designed to solidify last year’s materials and give students a toolkit for success in the new year and beyond. 

Our Master Series teaches lifelong math concepts and skills

Our Power Math Workouts prep your child for the upcoming school year by reviewing previous material and previewing new topics

Our Math Game Sessions keep the learning experience fun and varied while teaching integral math and logic skills 

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