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Word Problem Wednesday: Grow Your Everyday Math Skills

Apr 18, 2018

Q: Why did the gardener plant light bulbs? A: Because she wanted to grow a power plant!   And why did the gardener practice her math skills? Because she knew that math is useful in every situation, even in the garden! This week’s word probl...

Word Problem Wednesday: Science-Fiction Fun with Math

Apr 11, 2018

If you had a time machine, when in history--or into the future--would you go?  It’s fun to think about what we might do with time travel, but even more fun to think about HOW we might time travel, because the how of this fantastical adventure w...

Word Problem Wednesday: Math Practice is Just Peachy

Apr 5, 2018

“There are a whole lot of things in this world of ours you haven't even started wondering about yet.”   ―Roald Dahl, James and the Giant Peach There’s a great big world out there to discover, and we’re going to need MATH to help us understand i...

Word Problem Wednesday: Music, Multiplication, and Real Life Math

Mar 29, 2018

“There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres.” -Pythagoras Math and music go hand in hand, even when you’re solving practical, real life math problems  such as the one we have for you in this we...

Word Problem Wednesday: Wake Up Call for Elementary School Math Skills

Mar 14, 2018

If a rooster crowing wakes you up with the sun, when does a duck wake you up? Answer: At the “quack” of dawn! Which do you think would be a better wake up call, an alarm clock or a duck? This week’s word problem challenge will give you a chanc...

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