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Mental Math Checkup: Is Your Child on Pace for Math Success?

Sep 22, 2017

Can your child answer these mental math questions? The results may surprise you! If they can solve problems at and above grade level, they may be ready for a challenge. If they are unable to answer questions at grade level or below, they're lik...

Want to See Your Children Smile when Doing Math Homework?

Sep 4, 2017

Want to See Your Children Smile when Doing Math Homework? Do your children whine and complain about their math homework? The frowns and complaints can really ruin an evening. Wouldn’t you like to see smiles instead? You can. Not only does th...

How to Optimize your Child’s Neurotransmitters Doing Math Homework

Sep 4, 2017

How to Optimize Neurotransmitters Levels so your Child Learns from their Math Homework Brain Chemistry Affects Your Child’s Ability to Learn Math (and Other Subjects) Our brains send messages to other parts of our bodies using neurotransmitt...

Where Does Your Child Do Math Homework?

Sep 4, 2017

Math Homework Deserves a Special Place Children don’t excel in math (or reading, or dance, or karate, or anything) by accident. It takes focus and work. Think about it. People go to art studios, swimming pools, dance studios, libraries, dojos, ...

Where is the Math Textbook?

Sep 4, 2017

Where is the Math Textbook? Up until recently, kids usually brought home math text books to do homework. Math homework often consisted of something like “do problems 1-10 on page 63.”  With advances in technology, homework for kids in middle sc...

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