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Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

Suchita Desai | Mathnasium of GilbertSuchita Desai, Owner and Center Director

Suchita strongly believes that a solid foundation in math is vital for today's children to succeed. She holds a Master’s degree in Cell and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. After a several years of research work, she decided to shift her focus to giving back to the community in a different way. She came across Mathnasium and fell in love with the program and what it has to offer students across all grades. She has always loved and excelled in math and now, through the Mathnasium method, enjoys helping kids learn to overcome their fear and love math. She currently resides in the Valley with her family and two wonderful kids. Suchita and the Mathnasium of Gilbert team are thrilled to bring their passion to Mathnasium, helping children succeed in math in a way that makes sense to them! 

Favorite Math Joke: 3 out of 2 people have trouble with fractions.

Courtney | Lead Math Instructor | Mathnasium of GilbertCourtney, Lead Instructor

Courtney is an extreme Math enthusiast and believes that Mathematics is the key to describing all things beautiful. She recently graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Mathematics and has goals of obtaining her PhD in Applied Mathematics to eventually become a professor at university. She absolutely adores helping others understand Mathematics in a way that makes most sense to them. She believes that Math is about approaching problems from the right angle (as an ideal, not 90 degrees) based on individual thinking. With immense passion and enthusiasm, Courtney hopes to inspire students to believe in their own unique ability to understand and use math in a way that works for them.

Favorite Math Joke: Why did the chicken cross the Möbius strip? To get to the other... um...

Fun Facts: Courtney has an extensive vinyl record and VHS tape collection! She also enjoys DJing, learning new things, and old houses. Her favorite food is burritos and she only does math in her special black pen. Hooray for Math!

Margaret | Math Instructor | Mathnasium of GilbertMargaret, Instructor

Margaret is currently attending ASU in order to obtain a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry. She hopes to attend Pharmacy school in 2 years. She has been an instructor with Mathnasium of Gilbert for over 2 years. She struggled with Math as a young child, attended Mathnasium of Gilbert for 4 years as a student and now enjoys helping other students over come their fear of Math and succeed! She has family overseas and enjoys travelling and visiting them in Italy and Germany.

Favorite Math Joke: Teacher: Why are you doing your multiplication on the floor?  Student: You told me not to use tables.

Fun Facts: Margaret used to play hand bells in high school. She loves to travel and has been to Italy, Germany, Poland, France, Croatia, Sylvania and Switzerland. She definitely hopes to travel to more places.

Madison | Math Instructor | Mathnasium of GilbertMadison, Instructor

Madison is a Mechanical Engineering student with minor in Manthematics at ASU. She has completed Math courses up to Calculus III, and is currently taking Differential Equations and Linear Algebra. Math is her favorite subject, and she enjoys having the opportunity to teach and inspire a love for Math in others.

Favorite Math Joke: I saw my math teacher with a piece of graph paper yesterday...I think he must be plotting something.

Fun Facts: Madison has made two 3D-printed prosthetic hands!

Sarah | Math Instructor | Mathnasium of GilbertSarah, Instructor

Sarah has a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Mathematics from Northern Arizona University. She has 5 years of experience teaching at the high school and college level. Sarah has tutored throughout high school and college and loves to make math more approachable for students of all ages.

Favorite Math Joke: What is a tree's favorite math topic? Twigonometry.

Fun Facts: In her free time, Sarah loves to travel. She has been to 12 countries so far and plans on exploring many more in the future.

Daniel, Instructor 

Daniel has earned a BS in Mathematics from University of Arizona, where he was active in MathCats (university math club). He plans to join Law school in Fall. He has always enjoyed math: It is logical and elegant! Daniel has been a math and chess tutor for 4.5 years.

Favorite Math Joke: I will leave you with an exercise that may make you hungry: Write the expression for the volume of a thick crust pizza with height "a" and radius "z".

Answer: pi*z*z*a

Fun Facts: Daniel can play chess blindfolded!

Ashley, Instructor 

Ashley is a Chemical Engineering student at Arizona State University and has taken Math classes up to Calculus II. She has been a teacher's assistant for Algebra I and II in high school and loved to see students grasp concepts. She thinks Math is really cool and it is neat to watch others realize that.

Favorite Math Joke: The Romans didn't find Algebra very challenging, because X was always 10!

Fun Facts: In her free time, she loves to dance, specially lyrical and modern.

Brandon, Instructor

Brandon has earned BS in Mathematics from Arizona State University. He is passionate about being an instructor because he believes that each kid should love math. Difficulties in math make kids disproportionately dislike the subject, and it's disheartening to see kids struggle. I want to help! Brandon's immediate family consists of his mom, dad and a little sister - he has tutored her growing up.

Favorite Math Joke: What's the difference between a big circle and a small circle? -- a donut.

Fun Facts: I have a terrible sense of humor, but I love music and play piano and saxophone.

Jesse, Instructor

Jesse is an Engineering student at Arizona State University's Polutechnic Campus working on both his Bachelor's and Master's degree concurrently. His passion for math took off in his last year of high school thanks to two amazing teachers and since then has believed that the proper presentation is the only thing keeping people from kindling a joy for math of their own.

Favorite Math Joke:  

Fun Facts: When not studying, he can be found gaming, toying with equations, or both!


Stevie, Instructor

 Stevie is currently a junior at Arizona Stat University studying computer science and computational mathematics. He loves working at Mathnasium bevcause he gets to work with kids and help them improve their math skills. He believes that this job is extremely rewarding because he gets to see students make huge improvements in areas they were formerly struggling.

Favorite Math Joke:  A: "What is the integral of 1/cabin?"

B: "log cabin"

A: "Nope, houseboat - you forgot the C"

Fun Facts: I love spending time with my family and friends, playing soccer/basketball, building websites and working on software projects. 

Kandyce, Instructor

Kandyce is a 3rd year college student at Chandler Gilbert Community College majoring in Accounting. She has been an honors student during her college years. She has taken almost every math class offered at CGCC. She graduated from Campo Verde where she was in student council. She loves math and truly believes that anyone is capable to learn the subject and we all just learn at different places. She is excited to help and challenge those who are taking proactive steps to enhance their education. Knowledge and education are a gift that not everyone gets to receive and she is grateful that she is able to share it.

Favorite Math Joke:  (p+l)(a+n) = pa+pn+la+ln. I just foiled your plan.

Fun Facts: I have swam next to a hammerhead shark. I love outdoors activities like hiking, quading, going to the lake and spending time in nature. I am the youngest of 3 brothers.

Aryasp | Math Instructor | Mathnasium of Gilbert

Aryasp, Instructor

Aryasp is currently a Senior at Hamilton High School. He has completed math classes up to Differential Equations and is Linear Algebra. His experience ranges from working with 4th grade students in a mentorship setting, to tutoring groups of AP Calculus students. His love for teaching and being able to share valuable knowledge with others drives his passion to make students learn to love math!

Favorite Math Joke: Parallel lines have so much in's a shame they'll never meet!

Fun Facts: Aryasp knows how to speak 5 languages fluently, and hopes to pursue even more in the coming years!

Veronica | Math Instructor | Mathnasium of Gilbert

Veronica, Instructor

Veronica is currently a senior at Hamilton High School, and she is taking AP Statistics after successfully completing Algebra I and II, Geometry, precalculus, and accelerating past Calculus AB to Calculus BC. She aspires to one day be a high school English teacher because she thoroughly enjoys instructing students and loves seeing students excited about education.

Favorite Math Joke: Why didn't the two 4s want dinner? Because they already 8!

Fun Facts: In her free time, Veronica is an avid writer in pursuit of having her stories published.


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