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Mathnasium Program

Our goal is to enhance your child’s math skills, understanding of math concepts and overall school performance. At the same time, we build confidence, yielding overwhelming results.

What Distinguishes the Mathnasium Method?

• Comprehensive written and oral evaluation: Mathnasium students take a two-part diagnostic test – both written and oral. We use the results to create a learning plan tailor-made for your child.

• Customized learning plan for your child

• Highly trained instructors

• Personal attention

• Periodic assessment to keep the child on track

• Results! Your child’s progress is measured by grades, quarterly assessments, and love of mathematics.


Summer Programs Offering (2013)

Our summer programs for the summer of 2013 comprised of the following:

  1. Powermath Workouts
  2. For middle and high school "mathletes".  Get ready for fall with introductions to new topics or reviews of previous ones.  SAT I Math Prep is also available.  Prevent summer slippage of math skills.  Each workout will be 1* hour long.

    A)  Pre-Algebra Readiness (6th grade and up)

    B)  Algebra I Readiness (7th grade and up)

    C)  Geometry Readiness

    D)  SAT Test Prep

  3. Master Series
  4. Perfect opportunity for your child to master lifetime math concepts and skills.  Each workout will be 1.5* hour long.

    A)  Master - Addition/Subtractoin (1st grade and up)

    B)  Master - Times table (3rd grade and up)

    C)  Master - Percent Basic (5th grade and up)

    D)  Master - Decimals concepts and skills (4th grade and up)

    E)  Master - Fraction concepts and skills (3rd grade and up)

  5. Mathnasium Summer Camp
You can enroll your child for extended summer camp sessions at Mathnasium.  Each session of summer camp will include the Master Series session coupled with an hour of fun math games.  These sessions are devoted entirely to logic, geometry and number sense.  Who says summer camps must be just physical activities?  Our summer camp will be fun for your child, at the same time, helping him/her build a solid foundation in mathematics.

Call us now at 201-444-8020 to sign up your child for a summer of fun learning.

* Additional workout sessions can be purchased separately.

Mathnasium Summer Programs

Our summer programs will give your child the math skills needed to succeed this school year. We offer a number of programs designed to solidify last year’s materials and give students a toolkit for success in the new year and beyond. 

Our Master Series teaches lifelong math concepts and skills

Our Power Math Workouts prep your child for the upcoming school year by reviewing previous material and previewing new topics

Our Math Game Sessions keep the learning experience fun and varied while teaching integral math and logic skills 

Enroll now in our summer-only Mathnasium programs.

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