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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:



Center Director/OwnerGayle Davison, Owner

Gayle graduated from Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, AL, with a Master's degree in Math Education where she also satisfied the requirements necessary to teach college level mathematics.  In addition, she received the degree, "Administration in Education"  from Samford University, Birmingham, AL. Gayle taught middle school, high school and college mathematics for 31 years. She was recognized as a “Highly Qualified Math Teacher” in Shelby County where she taught for her last 11 years. In the summer of 2012 Gayle retired from the Shelby County school system.  Following a wonderful year of retirement, she heard a radio ad for Mathnasium, and was immediately intrigued. Her first reaction was “this ad was written for me!” Gayle not only loves helping students with math, but she also understands the frustration many parents feel when they realize their children are struggling with math. Having taught in public schools as well as doing private tutoring, she knows how well students respond when they understand math. They discover a newly found confidence that drives an even greater interest in math, and before long, they actually look forward to math class! “This business is a 'no brainer' for me. Everybody wins with Mathnasium; parents, students, teachers, schools, and me! What a joy to bring such a winning organization to our community!”



Jake Johnson, Center Director 

 My name is Jake Johnson. I graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics in 2012. I then went on to work as the Athletic Director of the Auburn Boys & Girls Club for nearly two years before coming to work at Mathnasium. I started at Mathnasium in September of 2014 and have loved it every step of the way. In addition to being an instuctor, I am also our School Outreach Leader. I am responsible for keeping up with our students' grades and keeping contact with the teachers to give us the best chance to maximize our students' potential. In my spare time I enjoy hobbies such as playing basketball or swimming. I have always enjoyed math and love when I get the opportunity to help kids of all ages enjoy it as well.  



Alex Reese

My name is Alex Reese. I graduated from UAB in 2015 with a Bachelor's of Science in Biology and minored in Chemistry and Health Education. I have always loved math and have competed and placed in several high school math competitions. I plan to attend med school in the near future, but I'll always have teaching in mind for a full-time career.


Aleksandra Foksinska

My name is Aleksandra Foksinska. I am a student at UAB studying Molecular Biology and hoping to double major in Chemistry and minor in Math. I graduated top of my class at Oak Mountain High School in 2016. One of my favorite classes at Oak Mountain was AP Calculus BC; I liked it so much that I enjoyed helping my peers with their assignments. I was also involved in math team for seven years because I enjoy challenges and competition. Aside from math, I enjoy pursuing research (currently I am studying phages at UAB), photography, spending time with family and friends, and volunteering with special needs kids.


Joshua Romualdo

My name is Josh Romualdo. I am a recent graduate from Collegiate High School at Northwest Florida State College. I came to UAB in the fall of 2016 to pursue a Biomedical Sciences (Pre-med) degree. For many years now, I've been passionate about working both with children and working in the field of medicine, and so I'm currently on track to become a pediatric neurosurgeon. I also plan to become thoroughly involved in assisting the development of self-sustainability in foreign countries by providing education, medical assistance, and resources to people in need. Aside from my academics and career oriented goals, I have volunteered for various activities from hospice to children summer camps, I dabble on several musical instruments such as the piano, violin, and the ukulele as a hobby, and now I work as a member of this wonderful team at Mathnasium. Since then, I've come to enjoy every day I've worked along with the many children here, and I hope to provide a professional and friendly service henceforth.


Jakiera Matthews

My name is Jakiera Matthews and I was born and raised in Columbus, GA. I discovered I had a knack for math and learning at a young age. From math competitions in elementary school to advanced math classes in middle school, and graduating Valedictorian of my high school, I have always had a thing for numbers! I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics from Alabama State University in May of 2015. While in college, I worked as a student tutor, and assisted my colleagues everyday with their studies. Upon graduation, I have continued to pursue my passion of teaching and motivating the youth. I have always said, "Math is life!" and becoming part of the Mathnasium family and meeting so many awesome, young people has been such a blessing! Not only do I get the opportunity to teach, encourage, and motivate young people, but they come in and do the the same for me!


Myra Rana

Hi! I'm Myra, a current junior at the Alabama School of Fine Arts. I was on math team for many years and am currently taking Calculus BC and AP Statistics. I am also involved in leadership activities, such as student council, junior council, and an ambassador for my school. My interests outside of math include running and theater.