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Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:


Lisa Anderson, Owner and Center DirectorLisa Anderson, Owner - Director

Mathnasium Master Certified & Credentialed Teacher

Lisa has always had a passion for math education which led her to Mathnasium over 8 years ago, where she has been making a difference in teaching children how math CAN make sense! Lisa has a B.S. degree in Business Management from San Diego State University and worked in the computer manufacturing field for over 10 years as a Materials Manager. Prior to Mathnasium she taught for several years in the Capistrano Unified School District, and discovered that teaching math is as good as it gets!  Lisa is married to her Mathnasium Co-owner and husband, Paul, and lives in Mission Viejo. She is the proud mother of 2 children who were educated in CUSD and recently graduated from SDSU and USC.

Paul Anderson, Owner and Instructor


Paul Anderson, Owner - Instructor

Paul has a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from UCLA. He has 30 ongoing years of professional experience in Engineering and Computer Science. He also enjoys endurance running and making music. He's thrilled to be an owner of the Ladera Ranch center. Paul is excited to have the opportunity to share his love of math with our future engineers and scientists.


Mathnasium Instructor - Scott


Scott Yokoyama, Center Director

Scott graduated from UCR with a Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering and minor in Business Administration.  He plans to get a Masters in Business and put it to work for an International engineering company. Outside of Mathnasium, he enjoys snowboarding in the winter season and golfing during the warmer season. 



Mathnasium Instructor - Claire


Claire Duong, Senior Lead Center Instructor

Claire is currently a senior at California State University, Fullerton and is pursuing a degree in Child and Adolescent Development with a minor in Mathematics and Business Administration. She is no stranger to tutoring, as she has been a tutor since her freshman year of high school. Claire has always had a knack for mathematics and loves helping people out. In addition, she enjoys working with kids, so she frequently babysits. Outside of school and work, she could always be found at Disneyland, hanging out at the beach, trying trendy new foods and drinks, or her personal favorite, lying in her bed using Netflix.


Bryce Martin, Lead Instructor

Bryce graduated from Trabuco Hills High School and is currently in his second year at Saddleback College.  He plans on majoring in Mechanical Engineering and hopes to transfer to Cal State Long Beach in the future.  Bryce has plenty of experience working with kids.  During his high school years, he often volunteered at kid’s camps and vacation bible schools at his church working with the kids in arts and crafts, sports, games, and Bible time.  Bryce loves math and hopes to make it a fun and applicable subject to learn.  Bryce is no stranger when it comes to Math.  He has taken two single variable calculus courses and a multi-variable calculus class in college.  In his free time, Bryce loves to play ultimate frisbee, hang out at the beach, and rock climb at his local indoor gym.

Colin Perry Mathnasium Instructor

Colin Perry, Lead Instructor

Colin is currently attending Saddleback College, majoring in engineering. He graduated in May, 2017 from Capistrano Valley High School. As a leader of Capo’s drumline, he spent much of his time interacting and teaching prospective percussionists. Additionally, Colin was very involved in his band's wind ensemble, playing the role as principle percussionist. These positions have taught him many skills necessary in communication and teaching. Academically, Colin was an AP student who is taking many difficult classes, such as Calculus BC and Physics C. He wishes to use this education in order to achieve a college education in engineering.


 Maya Yesharim, Instructor

Maya is a freshman attending Chapman College after graduating last May from San Juan Hills High school, and has always had a passion for math and teaching. At San Juan Hills High School, she took Calculus BC which is the hardest math course available in high school and is a college level course. Maya has tutored middle schoolers and high schoolers for the last seven years, as well as babysat frequently. She also was involved in a class at school called Teach 2 Learn where she further advanced her skills in education. Further, she is a gymnastics coach at World Elite gymnastics, teaching beginners and advanced athletes the skills they need to master the sport. Here, she also trains as an elite trampolinist. She travels the country and the world competing and has become a 3 time state champion, and 3 time national medalist. 

Colin Perry Mathnasium Instructor

Kira Hewitt, Instructor

Kira is a senior at Tesoro High School where she has completed AP Calculus BC.  She has always loved and excelled in math and she enjoys helping others make sense of it. Outside of math, Kira is a senior editor for her school's yearbook and newspaper.  In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing, playing tennis, and hiking with her dog.  Kira is looking forward to attending college next year as a computer science major.


                                 Kaylie Wong, Instructor

Kaylie is currently a freshman at UCI in the Campuswide Honors Program and studying biomedical engineering. She graduated from Tesoro High School in June, 2017, where she was a National Merit finalist, president of the National Honor Society, secretary of Key Club, and a member of the the Science Olympiad Team. She has over 5 years of teaching piano and tutoring experience in all subjects, with an emphasis on middle school and high school math. Having a younger brother, she has always loved being around hildren and helping them to achieve success, whether it be through volunteering in the community, hospital, or library as a blogger for the teen book club. Outside of school and work, Kaylie enjoys spending time with her family, playing tennis, traveling, camping, hiking, and composing music. 


Tony Lam, Instructor

Tony Lam is a senior attending the University of California Irvine as a Physics major.  His desired field is Applied Physics, which incorporates certain theoretical concepts of physics with the practicality of engineering.  He did not grow up in Irvine, so Ladera Ranch is a new experience for him.  He grew up around Los Angeles, and spends most of his leisure time there. While he enjoys working at Mathnasium and spending quality math time with students, in the future he hopes to be working in the engineering and physical science department, whether it be a grueling office or a field project.


                                    Noel Calaguas, Instructor

 Noel is currently a full time student at Saddleback College majoring in Mathematics.   He previously graduated from Capistrano Valley High School in 2017 where he   completed the courses of AP Calculus AB and BC. In high school, he was Co-   President of the top choir ensemble and the dance club. He was part of the film   program CAPO.360. Outside of academics he dances on a hip hop street team in   based in Irvine. He and his team competed and won many competitions and even   represented the USA at an international competition for three consecutive years. In   his free time Noel enjoys solving Rubik’s Cubes and organizing his room.




Colin Perry Mathnasium Instructor

 Ashley Salen, Instructor

Ashley is a senior at San Juan Hills High School who is currently taking AP Calculus BC, AP Physics, and various other AP classes, but despite her rigorous academics, she still makes time for the things she loves.  With her deep passion for running and helping others to succeed in everything they put their heart and mind to, she was chosen to be a varsity team captain for both the cross country and track team at her school.  Ashley joined Lion's Heart in middle school and has since been a vice president, received the gold award 4x, and was a former recipient of the torchbearer award for outstanding leadership skills and community service; this year, she was elected to be her group's president.  Outside of academics, sports, and volunteering, Ashley enjoys spending time with friends and family and taking care of her two birds.  Although unsure of her future university, she is planning on majoring in the science field and aspires to work in the medical field.

Colin Perry Mathnasium Instructor


Lily Gutierrez, Instructor

Lily is a senior at Tesoro High School, currently taking AP Statistics, having already aced AP Calculus BC and AP Physics C last year, which are college-level courses. Along with her rigorous AP schedule, she is a part of the school's track team and spends her free time reading and working on art projects, as well as volunteering at a local library. She has been a tutor throughout all of her high school years and is used as an asset by friends for help, especially in math.  After high school, she plans to study architectural engineering in college.



Colin Perry Mathnasium Instructor


Abby Morgigno, Instructor

Abby is a junior in high school and homeschooled, although she takes most of her classes at Saddleback Junior College.  Homeschooling has allowed her to take more challenging courses while being on her own schedule.  Aside from math, she has also tutored high school chemistry and English.  She also teaches piano.  In her free time she enjoys playing the violin and the piano, reading, and doing musical theatre.



Maddie Theis, Instructor

Maddie is a senior at San Juan Hils High School who has always enjoyed math. She is currently taking 3 AP classes. In her free time she enjoys reading, biking, and going to Disneyland with her friends. Maddie is looking forward to attending Oklahoma State University next year to pursue a degree in Accounting and then continue onto law school.





                                  Thomas Avery, Instructor

Thomas is a senior Capistrano Valley High School, and enjoys giving back to the community. In addition to taking five AP classes, Thomas is also a board member of three clubs and does frequent volunteer work. One of his clubs, OC Science, does monthly science events at local elementary schools. This club helped him develop his passion for both teaching and working with children. In his free time, Thomas likes concerts, movies, hiking, and sports. Having been a member of Capo’s basketball and volleyball teams, Thomas understands the importance of hard work and leadership. After high school, he plans on majoring in mechanical engineering with a minor in finance. Thomas’s goal is to share his excitement for math with his students.