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Word Problem Wednesday: Planting Tulips

Mar 28, 2017

  "If you wish to make anything grow, you must first understand it." -Russell Page Gardening, like math, can be hard work...but both are great fun, and both offer up rewards equal to the amount of time and effort you put into them! This w...

Word Problem Wednesday: Triceratops Eggs

Mar 22, 2017

  The triceratops we know and love was HUGE. This dinosaur could grow up to 30 feet long and weighed as much as a truck! But did you know that triceratops eggs were only about the size of a cantaloupe?   This week’s Word Problem Wednesda...

Word Problem Wednesday: Celebrating Pi Day

Mar 15, 2017

  Another fantastic Pi Day has come and gone.  What did YOU do to mark the day in a positive, irrational and/or constant way?  Solve today’s Word Problem Wednesday to see what Molly did… then come back tomorrow to check your answer! Molly ma...

Word Problem Wednesday: Knit Hats

Mar 8, 2017

  We’re not hank-ing any skeins here!  Did you know that the largest knitted hat in the world is 66 feet in circumference and nearly 57 feet tall?  (Industrias Textiles de Sudamerica - Lima, Peru, 26 April 2015)   It’s a good thing most hat...

Word Problem Wednesday: Jack & The Beanstalk

Mar 1, 2017

  Fee-fi-fo-fum, we smell mathematical proportion fun! A fairytale favorite is the inspiration for today's Word Problem Wednesday.  See if you can solve this teaser and check back tomorrow for the answer. Jack casts an 8' shadow.  If Jack...

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