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It's Official! Mathnasium is coming to Wauwatosa

Jul 29, 2017

It feels great to say that. So, I'll say it again - "Mathnasium is coming to Wauwatosa"!

We've been planning for this all year. We stumbled upon the Bartz building opportunity and just couldn't pass it up. It's amazing the reaction we receive when we tell people about Mathnasium. "Wow, that'll be a great fit for Wauwatosa" is the most common reaction. I can't agree more! 

The best part about opening Mathnasium is that we get to give back to our community and strengthen the mathematical understanding of our kids. I've heard from so many parents the struggles they've gone through with their student and math. We are here to help and support you! 

Keep an eye out for us at local events. If you see a guy wearing a Mathnasium shirt at Sendiks, the Farmers Market, or even Bel Air, feel free to stop and say hi! 

- Derek