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5 Signs That Your Child is Struggling With Math

Nov 1, 2017

First Step to Solving the Problem Is Identifying It “When Kids Get Stuck on a Math Idea, They Aren’t Likely to Speak Up” Now that school is back in full swing, new math ideas are coming at students every day. Math topics taught in class toda...

Know the Difference Between Excuses and Empathy in Math Class

Aug 16, 2017

Struggling Kids feel Frustrated and Overwhelmed Do you know a child who struggles in math, or another subject?  Sometimes kids who are struggling get so overwhelmed they stop giving that subject their best effort. As a parent or teacher you wan...

Are You a Parent Frustrated with Common Core Math Standards?

Aug 16, 2017

Are You a Parent Frustrated with Common Core Math Standards?  You aren’t alone. Lately, many parents in the Gilbert and Mesa schools have been scratching their head in confusion as they looked at their child’s math work.  Common core standards...

Fix “Broken” Math Tools

Aug 16, 2017

Have you ever used a broken or ineffective tool? The tool can be anything from a dull knife, a phone, or a remote needing new batteries. I bet you got frustrated every time you used the tool. Maybe you didn’t get it fixed right away because you kn...

Multiplication Fluency - Part 3

Jul 27, 2017

By Suchita Desai - Owner/Center Director @ Mathnasium of Mesa South and Mathnasium of Gilbert Once the student understands the concept of multiplication and is able to use various strategies to recall multiplication facts, you can use a variety...

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