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Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

Center Director/OwnerScott Rubin, Center Director/Owner

Scott received his Bachelors in Finance from the State University of New York College at Buffalo in 1998. He then received his MBA in Management from Pace University in 2011. He has worked as a financial analyst on wall street with JPMorgan and other finance companies in NYC from 1999-2012. Scott has always had a passion for math. Starting at a young age he was constantly coming up with creative ways to solve math problems. In order to give back to the community he tutored math voluntarily at a high school in NYC. Scott enjoyed tutoring so much that he looked into changing careers and that is when he found Mathnasium, a perfect fit. Scott, his wife Christine and their maltipoo Mylos moved to Marin County in Jun 2012 to start a new life. The original plan was to open up a Mathnasium in or near NYC, but after visiting relatives in Tiburon they decided that was the place for them. Since then, Scott delayed opening his Mathnasium for a year in order to prepare for the big move. He spent that time tutoring at other Mathnasium's and spending 100's of hours learning the Mathnasium Method. Scott is a Mathnasium master certified center director. Someone who is master certified has received the highest certification level Mathnasium offers.

OwnerChristine Rubin, Owner

Christine works in sales for a jewelry manufacturer. She assists Scott in the marketing efforts at Mathnasium. Christine has a bachelor's degree in marketing and international business from NYU.





Sebastian Brear, Lead Instructor (2015-Present)

Sebastian is currently a Freshman at College of Marin after graduating from Tam High a semester early in 2016. He is currently taking Calculus I and is pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Physics.

Eric Weinstock, Instructor (2013-Present)

Eric has been tutoring math since he was in the eighth grade (he was asked to tutor 7th graders).  After getting his MA from Columbia University he has worked as a teacher and tutor as well as stints in housing and corporate finance.  He has created an SAT preparation course and prepares students for all three sections of the exam.  He said, "I love teaching at Mathnasium.  The energy of both the students and the staff here is so positive and uplifting."

Cole Johnson, Instructor (2015-Present)

Cole is a Sophmore at Stanford Online High school.  He is a competitive fencer at the international level, and likes to tutor/mentor kids in fencing and math. 
Kate Richardson, Instructor (2016-Present)
Kate has a Bachelor of Science in Human Development from U.C. Davis. She worked as a Recreation Therapist at Laguna Honda Hospital in San Francisco for 20 years. She then decided to return to school and study math and education, in order to develop math teaching skills. For the past 3 years, she has taken various math courses, including calculus, and has been a math tutor for College of Marin. She currently is a volunteer with Marin County School Volunteers helping high school “AVID” program math students. She especially enjoys working with younger students (K through 8th grade) at Mathnasium
Ethan Petersen, Instructor (2016-Present)
Ethan is a Junior at Tam High, and loves math and science. He also loves to play music and is a tuba player for College of Marin's Golden Gate Brass Band. He loves to ride his bike and play video games whenever he has time to. He is very excited to be a part of Mathnasium and looks forward to having a really fun year of teaching math!
Fergus Campbell, Instructor (2016-Present)
Fergus is a Senior at at Tam High, and currently taking Calculus. He is part of Tam's AIM program, which combines English and History with documentary filmmaking. He enjoys acting outside of school, as well as tennis, and hopes to become a director or cinematographer. 
Allie Burns, Instructor (2016-Present)
Allie is a Junior at Tam High, currently taking Pre-Calculus. She has found a passion for math and tutoring children through volunteering for Bridge the Gap College Prep and Romanian Children's Relief. In her free time she enjoys running for her school’s cross country and track and field team, and babysitting for kids in her neighborhood.
Alex Munter, Instructor (2016-Present)
Alex Munter is a Sophmore at Tam High, currently taking Advanced Algebra.  He does fencing and enjoys math, science, and history very much. He also enjoys teaching and helping kids at Mathnasium.
Charles Szeman, Instructor (2017-Present)
Charles is a Freshman at College of Marin. 
Lucas Rosevear, Instructor (2017-Present)
Lucas is a Sophmore at Tam High, currently taking Pre-Calculus. He likes writing, math and history. He very much enjoys both the students and teaching at Mathnasium. 
Lola Leuterio, Instructor (2017-Present)
Lola is a Junior at Tam High, currently taking Pre-Calculus. She has excelled at math in middle school and high school and it is a subject she really enjoys. She loves any form of working with kids, but tutoring especially. She has tutored independently in the past and is excited to be working at Mathnasium. 
Ephets Head, Instructor (2017-Present)
Ephets is a Junior at Tam High, currently taking in Pre-Calculus.  Math and literature have generally been her favorite school subjects through middle and high school. Starting in 8th grade, she began tutoring kids in math through volunteering and helping younger children stay focused while doing their schoolwork. She is a member of the Tam High swim team and tries to do club swim teams year-round.
Amal Hayat, Instructor (2017-Present)
Amal is a Senior at Tam High, currently taking Calculus.  
Coleman Morrow, Instructor (2017-Present)
Coleman is a Junior at Tam High, currently taking Pre-Calculus.  
Robert Donohue, Instructor (2017-Present)
Robert is a Junior at Tam High, currently taking Calculus.  He is interested in math and enjoys being able to help Mathnasium students work through tough problems. In his free time, Robert enjoys playing music, specifically guitar and piano, as well as spending time outdoors.
Zihao Wang, Instructor (2017-Present)
Zihao is a Junior at Tam High, currently taking Calculus.  He is interested in math and enjoys being able to help Mathnasium students work through problems. 
Annie Ye, Instructor (2017-Present)
Annie is a Sophomore at Tam High, currently taking honors advanced algebra. She really likes math and science. She also enjoys teaching and helping the kids at Mathnasium. 
Fran Cappelletti, Instructor (2017-Present)
Fran remembers struggling with math in middle school, but found success through focus and practice. He ended up with a BA in Mathematics and Economics from DePauw University. After some graduate work and teaching Econ 101 at the University of Illinois, he moved to the Bay Area, working as a Statistician and Research Analyst for many years, currently with the Taxpayer Advocate Service. He also volunteers as the Librarian for the Ross Historical Society/Jose Moya del Pino Library, writing about history, art and architecture. He enjoys his time at Mathnasium with students of all levels.