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News from Mathnasium of Mira Mesa & Scripps Ranch

Problem of the Week Jan 15

Jan 13, 2018

Lower Elementary: Question:  Lauren has $1.00 in coins. She has 1 quarter, 3 dimes, and the rest are nickels. How many nickels does Lauren have?   Upper Elementary: Question:  A local scout troop is hosting a fundraising talent show. T...

Problem of the Week December 18

Dec 19, 2017

Lower Elementary: Question: Rachel the Elf is trying to count reindeer, but she’s only tall enough to count their legs. If Rachel counts 24 reindeer legs, then how many reindeer are there?   Upper Elementary: Question: For every 7 ging...

Problem of the Week December 11

Dec 14, 2017

Lower Elementary: Question: Abby has $5.00 to spend on snacks. Cookies cost 50¢ per cookie, chips cost 75¢ per bag, and juice costs $1.00 per bottle. If Abby buys one of each, how much money will she have left?   Upper Elementary: Ques...

Problem of the Week November 27

Nov 28, 2017

Lower Elementary: Question: Kylie and Layla get on a school bus at 3:15 pm. At 3:23 pm, Layla tells Kylie that they are halfway to her house. How long does it take to get from the school to Layla’s house?   Upper Elementary: Question: ...

Benefits of Common Core Math

Oct 23, 2017

Common Core Math is Not the Enemy Why you hate it and why we need new perspective in education: We are not computers. We are not machines. We do not think procedurally. That’s why the “old way” of teaching math may not be the best way. ...

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