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Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

Archi:  Center Director & Math Expert

Archi is the Center Director at Mathnasium of Mira Mesa/Scripps Ranch.  Having struggled with math as a child, Archi is enthusiastic about helping every child in her communities to truly understand math by teaching it in the way that makes sense to them. She has taught and tutored children of all ages, and she is committed to bringing the Mathnasium Method to the children in the community. Married with 2 kids, Archi is passionate and caring who devotes her free time by volunteering in public schools.  


Joud is one of the center coordinators at Mathnasium. She is working on her Bachelor Degree in Microbiology. She enjoys math as she views it as a fun puzzle to solve. On her free time, Joud goes on hikes, reads science magazines, and loves fishing. 


Danielle was a Math major from the University of San Diego. She recently graduated in May and is now attending graduate school for her Master's in Education and Secondary Teachers Credential. She hopes to become a math teacher once she is done. She has lived in San Diego for her entire life and loves going to the beach and going hiking. She has been tutoring for 4 years now and loves working with kids and helping them learn more about math. 


Sabrina is a Biology major attending CSUSM. She has lived in San Diego all of her life and has grown up with a love for helping others. She hopes to be involved in the healthcare industry in her future but also enjoys working with kids and does so every opportunity she can. She has been tutoring for 3 years and she values teaching because she loves making a difference in peoples lives. She loves making math more understanding for kids since it's one subject that is so universal. It helps with all aspects of life and is always integrated in peoples daily lives. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, going to the beach, and does anything possible to enjoy SD.


Ryan graduated from UCSD, majoring in Structural Engineering. He is currently a Certified Engineer in Training (EIT) and intends to pursue a career in drafting and technical drawings. He enjoys math because it helps him calculate how many tacos he can afford. 


Julius graduated from UCSD with a degree in Probability & Statistics. He teaches math because he wants students to understand that math is more than just numbers and symbols. Math is about reasoning effectively in everyday life and becoming confident in one's learning abilities. Thanks to math, he's always confident in learning something new. Julius likes to watch eSports, make computer programs, and catch Pokemon. Can you guess what's his favorite Pokemon?


Sean has experience tutoring his peers in math and physics and competes in local and national math competitions. He is dedicated to helping kids develop critical thinking skills, in addition to a deep understanding of math concepts. For recreation, Sean reads science magazines, listens to various NPR podcasts, and practices Tae Kwon Do. 


Ziva graduated from UCSD with a Bachelor’s in Chemistry and a focus in applied mathematics. She graduated with a pre-medicine track and is pursuing medical school to become a Pediatrician. She became an expert STEM tutor while in college, and to date, has 7 years of teaching experience in math and chemistry. She believes teaching combines the two things she loves the most which are working with children and practicing mathematics. The reason why she loves mathematics so much is because she get to witness children learn and grow every day, which is a remarkable thing to be a part of. She loves to read scary novels, takes long walks along the beach, and watch the sunset.  


Emily is currently a student at UC San Diego studying Math-Computer Science and is interested in possibly going into software engineering after graduation. She likes learning about math and different computer programs because it is very useful in our everyday lives. She enjoy working with children and getting to know them. In her free time, she likes to bake desserts, go shopping, and visit the pretty beaches around San Diego.


David is an Applied Math and Mechanical Engineering major transfering to California State University Chico. He likes Math it helps explain a lot of what goes on around us. He believes math problems could be challenging, but also very rewarding and fun. In his free time, he enjoys visiting new places, going to the beach and spending time with his friends.


Emma is currently attending San Diego State University and is studying Environmental Engineering. She enjoys math because the equations and problems are like a puzzle, and it feels really satisfying to solve. Aside from school and work, she has a strong passion of drawing during her free time.


Steve has experience tutoring students in K-12 in physics and math. He is dedicated to helping kids develop numerical fluency and a greater understanding of math concepts for practical applications. On his free time, Steve loves to lift, garden, and chase meteor showers.