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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

Richard Tom, Center Director

Richard graduated from UC Irvine with a science degree in Earth System Sciences.  At Irvine, he was a member of the Physics Assemble Program Team, the Cultural Chair of the Chinese Association at UCI, and a team member of the University Dragonboat Team.  Richard brings to our team his love for mathematics and a zest for teaching.  As the Center Director for the Monterey Park center, Richard leads our instruction team and helps our students set and achieve their math goals.

Titus Tjahjadi, Regional Director

Titus started his career at Mathnasium as an Instructor in 2007.  Because of his leadership skills, he was promoted to be the Lead Instructor, and then to be the Assistant Director of the Mathnasium center in Pasadena.  He then served as the Center Director of the Pasadena center before his most recent promotion to Regional Director.  As a Regional Director, Titus oversees the management of the Mathnasium centers in Pasadena, South Pasadena and Monterey Park.  Because of his commitment towards excellent customer service and student progress, he stays passionately involved in student instruction, as well as the training of our team members.

Titus received his Computer Science degree from Cal Poly Pomona.  He is a self-proclaimed foodie, who is not afraid to create his own dishes.  He also enjoys travelling and seeing new sights.

Xavier Ruiz-Pantoja, Co-Lead Instructor

Xavier has been with the Mathnasium team since September 2014. Not only does Xavier have a passion for the subject of Mathematics, he wants to share his zeal for the subject with our students.  As our Lead Instructor, he is the primary liason between our students, the parents and the rest of our Mathnasium team.

What he loves most about Mathnasium is sharing in the joy that our student's feel when "a once confusing concept finally makes sense!"  

He attends Cal Poly Pomona, but has changed majors a couple of times - going from Applied Mathematics to Accounting.  This has delayed his graduation date a bit, but it has also allowed him the years to build strong relationships with many our students here at Mathnasium.  When he is not at Mathnasium, Xavier spends his time studying for his classes, playing video games and board games with friends, or just laying in bed listening to music.

Alex Leon, Co-Lead Instructor

Alex has an extensive and impressive educational background, having studied Organic Chemistry, Mathematics, and currently Theoretical Physics.  As Alex was undergoing his studies, he noticed less and less students going into those fields of math and science.  He wondered, "Why could such interesting topics generate such limited participation?"  After applying for a position at Mathnasium, he quickly saw this as an opportunity to spread his ardor and excitement for math.

Alex is addicted to the smiles on our student's faces.  He finds it rewarding to watch student's grow and gain confidence in math.  His ongoing goal is to generate more interest, critical thinking and fun in the subject of mathematics.  

To stimulate all parts of his brain, Alex plays music daily - from bass, to drums, to piano.  He also enjoys painting, in which he typically completes a project every 3 - 4 months.

Franky Leon, Sr. Instructor

Franky grew up in the area, attending San Gabriel HS.  He then studied Electrical Engineering at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.  Franky returned to the San Gabriel Valley, and joined the Mathnasium team in 2015.  He had always felt a deep level of satisfaction when helping others understand, and wanted to try teaching in a more professional environment.  He has found great delight in the Mathnasium program, and has seen first-hand the awesome results that occur when students receive customized instruction.  After more than a year with our team, and working closely with our students, Franky has made a life changing decision to forego engineering, and pursue a teaching career.   As a veteran Instructor for the Monterey Park center, Franky has also built lasting relationships with our students, and helps to manage the flow of instruction.

Franky continues to learn and practice American Sign Language during his free time, and also enjoys working with ceramics.

Ian Tran, Instructor

Ian first heard about Mathnasium through a classmate in college, studying Mechanical Engineering.  Since he enjoyed math, he applied for a job and was immediately hired at the Eagle Rock center in early 2016.  Since Ian lives in Monterey Park, he transferred over to this center and has enjoyed working with the kids in this community since September 2016.  

Some of Ian's interests (other than math) include: photography, mechanical watches and video games.