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Welcome to Summer

Summer hours have officially begun.   We have morning, afternoon, and evening hours to meet the needs of your family during this busy time of year.  Summer hours will run from now through August.

Click here to download our summer hours flier.

Celebrate Summer Colors and Math Fun!

Summer vibes are in the air, and we're celebrating all the vibrant colors that come with sunny days! Grab your favorite coloring supplies (and your math skills!) and let's start coloring. First, select the My Colorful Summer activity packet below that fits you best:

Lower Elementary

Upper Elementary

Middle School and Up

Then, flex those math muscles and solve the math problems listed in your packet—each problem has a color that goes with it. Find your answers on the picture and fill in the spaces with the matching color to bring the image to life! Bring your completed pages to your next session to get a bonus spin of the prize wheel -- we'll even display your masterpieces in the center!

Problem of the week

Complete the problem of the week* and earn a ticket for the this month's gift card raffle.  See below for a preview of this week's problem.  Just ask an instructor at your next visit for a worksheet.

Parents, join in the fun by helping your student get started!

*must be level appropriate

Spin to Win

  • This summer students can "spin to win!"  A completed mastery check or 8 visits in a month earns a spin of the prize wheel.  Prizes include extra punches, raffle tickets for gift cards, and other fun-tastic rewards.

  • Plus, a "B" or above in math on report cards earns a bonus spin of the wheel!

Problem of the Week


Lower Elementary:

  • Question: Texas became a state in 1845. Twenty-six years later, Dallas legally became a city. How many years has Dallas been a city?

Upper Elementary:

  • Question: In 2014, the Dallas Cowboys won 3/4 of the football games they played. If they lost 4 games, then how many games did they win?

Middle School:

  • Question: A Texas Longhorn bull’s horns reach 50% of their full length after a year. A four-year-old Texas Longhorn’s horns are 95% their full length. If a one-year-old Texas Longhorn has horns that are 1’ 8” long, then how long will its horns be 3 years later?

Algebra and Up:

  • Question: The value of d is greater than 0 but less than 1. Write the following in order from least to greatest: d, d2, and √d.