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Center Announcements Week of 8/21-8/27


School "In Session" Hours Have Begun

School "in session" hours are in effect.  Please click the link below to get our updated hours.

Click here to download our 2016-2017 instruction hours flier.

Spin to Win

  • "Spin to win" will continue in the school year.  Look for updated rewards, new reasons to spin, and all the fun that come with Mathnasium!

August Estimation Jar Winner Announced

How close did you come without going over?

Problem of the week

Complete the problem of the week* and earn a chance at a completed punchcard.  See below for this weeks problem..

Parents, join in the fun by helping your student get started!

*must be level appropriate


Problem of the Week 8/21-8/27


Lower Elementary:

Question: Babs has a handful of 24 cheese crackers. If she eats half of them, then eats half of what’s left, how many cheese crackers will Babs have left?


Upper Elementary:

Question: Each candle will burn for 30 minutes. How many candles will you need for a power outage that lasts 3 hours and 45 minutes?


Middle School:

Question: What’s the probability of tossing the same face of a coin in a fair coin toss three times in a row?


Algebra and Up:

Question: A bunch of bananas and a cantaloupe together weigh 6 pounds. A papaya and a cantaloupe together weigh 5 pounds. A papaya and a bunch of bananas together weigh 4 pounds. Find the weight of each fruit.