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If you want to be part of an amazing team that supports and enriches students from 1st-12th grades, we'd love to meet you.  Send a resume and cover letter to Dan at



If you enjoy working with kids and love math as much as we do, you might consider joining the Mathnasium of North Carlsbad team. Math is all we do, so our instructors are knowledgable, friendly, enthusiastic, approachable and supportive with all of our students. Our goal is to have every student leave our center not only feeling more confident in their math path, but to have benefited from attending that day! We hold our staff to a high standard in making sure this happens every day.

Interested candidates are welcome to send a resume and cover letter to Karen at

NOTE: All instructor applicants must complete and pass a math assessment and a background check.

Math Beasts

This is a homemade position we made up for the rock star of the room! The perfect position for a responsible, math loving student. Mast Beasts support our instructional environment with numeric fluency and skill building activites for our youngest learners.  Additionally, they play math fact games and award prizes when students reach milestones. We are looking for fun and friendly Math Beasts that add positive, yet professional, energy to the room!