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News from Mathnasium of North Peoria

Quarterly Drawing for $100 Awards Repeat Winner

Mar 7, 2018

Our quarterly drawing awards a Mathnasium of North Peoria student whom achieved an A+ on their math test at school the opportunity to win a crisp $100 bill.  This quarter Mr. K, a repeat winner, is awarded the $100.   He also won the drawing ba...

Your Child can Experience the Joy of Accomplishment in Math

Feb 26, 2018

A mom of a Mathnasium student took her six-year-old daughter to her swim lesson. A group of older children and their parents were also in the pool for lessons. The older children had various special needs. As the mom of the six-year-old sat ...

Katherine Johnson-The NASA “Computer” who Broke Boundaries

Feb 23, 2018

NASA recognizes Katherine Johnson as a pioneering physicist and mathematician. She started at NASA as a “computer,” someone who did calculations. Katherine played an integral role in calculating the routes of many space missions, including to the ...

How is Mathnasium different?

Feb 20, 2018

Great Question! The very first thing we do is give your child a skills assessment. It is both a written and oral assessment so that we can get a deep understanding of not only what they know, but how they think! We sit down with them, put them ...

Books with Math for Kids Kindergarten through High School

Feb 19, 2018

At Mathnasium of North Peoria, we love books that include math lessons. Math books are a great supplement to great instruction for learning math concepts. There are many such books for preschool children that focus on counting.  But what about boo...

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