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The one-hour free trial session* is a great way for your child to see what it is like to be a mathlete at Mathnasium, while we learn more about your math goals. 

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We offer math help in all levels of math including; elementary math, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, college algebra, precalculus and calculus. 

* The math assessment is not included in this free trial session.

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We have programs for your student to learn their multiplication facts, tackle decimals, understand fractions, prepare for Algebra, succeed in Geometry and more. 
  1. Gifted and Advanced Math - MIT, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Medical School, etc. wherever they want to go, superior math skills and exceptional test scores get them there! Start them early and our math students can accomplish their dreams.
  2. Homeschool Math Center - Homeschooling is a parental right but can be very challenging!  Don't get behind in math, get ahead and stay ahead with us!
  3. Catch up Math Help -  Are you tired of the endless homework frustration, low confidence and low test scores?  Don't let your fear of math keep you from moving ahead! Stop the cycle NOW!  Catch up, get ahead, and stay ahead!
  4. Math Homework Help - Package of sessions or monthly options for Algebra, Geometry, Trigonomety, and Calculus!  We can teach it all! 

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SAT & ACT Test Preparation

Our center provides courses to help high school students prepare for SAT or ACT math examinations. The process begins with a diagnostic assessment of the skills needed to master each math exam. Stop by our center today to learn how we can help your student prepare for the SAT and ACT exams!

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BYU Proctoring

Our center is registered as an official proctor for BYU. We offer proctoring all year long. We only charge a $50 fee to proctor BYU exams. To select our center as your official proctor, you will need to do so from BYU's website. For further questions about proctoring please give us a call at 623-428-MATH (6284) or email us at