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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

CenterDirectorSang Batoff, Owner and Center Director 

Sang is the Owner and Center Director at Mathnasium of Novato. Prior to opening her Mathnasium center, Sang worked as a branch manager for U.S. Bank for 8 years in Novato and San Rafael. Sang also taught junior high school math for 12 years. She double majored in Mathmatics and Music at Hamilton College. Sang is passionate about helping the children of this community get excited about math. She is married with two sonsand loves living in Novato.


Claire Snyder, Assistant Director 

Claire is an avid lover of Algebra who jumps at every opportunity to help others enjoy it as much as she does. Her love of math started at an early age and has carried her to London where she studied Advanced Mathematics at the University College of London. She has a bit of a travel bug and loves visiting Japan, but she always finds herself coming back to her first love – math. She hopes to be a positive force at Mathnasium and spread the word that math can be quick, easy, and – most importantly – fun!


Jeremy Hoffman, Instructor  

Jeremy is the very first instructor here at Mathnasium of Novato. He loves to teach the logic behind math, from why you cannot divide by zero to how a triangle can explain the formula A=πr². In addition to teaching at Mathnasium, Jeremy is pursuing degrees in computer science and psychology. He also enjoys creating educational apps, board games... and writing about himself in the third person.


Phil Klempner, Instructor 

When Phil was young, he discovered math through Bell’s “The Queen of the Sciences”. He received his degrees in theoretical physics and mathematics in South Africa. Phil taught remedial math and then later worked in electronics. Plato’s remark, “What does one know of math, who only knows math” led him to meditate in India and develop the understanding that one needs to share what one has to live fully. So, a main direction for him now is to share how to move from cannot to can in math and otherwise.


Zachary Adams, Instructor 

Since Zachary was young, he has always enjoyed math and science. When people asked him what he wanted to become, he would say an astronomer because he wanted to study and understand the stars. Zachary graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Astrophysics. He also loves to travel and experience new places. He has gone on trips to Europe and South America. Zachary is looking forward to the opportunity to share his enthusiasm for math and problem solving as an instructor at Mathnasium.


Trevor Glynn, Instructor 

Trevor has lived in California his whole life, and he has loved math since middle school. While earning his degree in Mathematics at UC Davis, he discovered that he has a knack for teaching. Now, he plans to become a math teacher, so he can show his studens that there is more to math than number crunching. In his spare time, Trevor enjoys reading, programming, and riding his bike.


Neil Valdoz, Instructor 

Neil earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from UC Davis in December 2016 and currently works at BioMarin Pharmaceutical here in Novato. He wants to build a career in biotechnology because he strives to be a part of a growing industry where it constantly pushes the boundaries of modern medicine to find solutions for diseases. Since studying an engineering discipline, Neil truly believes that math is incredibly important and having a strong foundation in it is fundamental. He wants to help teach young minds about math and provide them the skills and knowledge to solve any mathematical problem that they may face in the classroom and in life. 


Tyler Freitas, Instructor 

Tyler graduated from UC Davis in 2015 with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. After working in the biotech field for a couple of years, he decided to make a career change. He is currently studying Computer Science at SRJC with the goal of becoming a software developer. As evidenced by his chosen fields of study, Tyler enjoys math and problem solving very much. He is looking forward to helping a younger generation develop their math skills and a passion for learning. 

Elena MacDonald, Instructor 

Though new to Mathnasium of Novato, Elena is a Mathnasium veteran having worked at the Roseville center while earning her degree in Elementary Education at Sacramento State. Since then, she has served in the Peace Corps teaching primary English literacy in the Eastern Caribbean. Happy to be back with the Mathnasium team, she is a true believer in the Mathnasium Method and determined to pass on the love of math to her students.


Samantha Tapia, Instructor 

Samantha began her university career studying art in Maryland. She always had an equally strong interest in science. This influenced her aesthetic sensibility and the subject matter of her artwork, eventually leading her to leave art school and complete a B.S. in Mathematics at Arizona State. She’s eager to share what she has learned in her creative math explorations and show students that math can be an imaginative, visual process as well as an abstract, analytical one.