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Problem of the Week July 15th

Jul 14, 2018

Lower Elementary: Question: Alice the librarian has a cart of 3 dozen books to put back on the shelves. She puts 3 of them away before she’s startled by a ghost and runs away. How many books does Alice leave on her cart?   Upper Elementar...

Get Ready to Get Back-to-School with Mathnasium of Queen Creek!

Jun 25, 2018

  Summer Break is Wrapping Up & School is Almost Back in Session! (Thanks, Year-Round School) We will be back in the classroom shortly. But now is the time to help your student feel prepared for their upcoming coursework. This is our ...

Problem of the Week June 19

Jun 22, 2018

  Lower Elementary:  Question: Sam needs enough soda for his 27 party guests. If soda comes in packs of 6, how many packs will Sam need to buy in order for each guest to have 1 soda?   Upper Elementary:  Question: Siri spent a quarter of ...

Queen Creek Advanced Math and Math Enrichment Programs

Jun 22, 2018

Students and their parents seeking to stay ahead and excel to their fullest potential by broadening math concepts and skills will find that Mathansium of Queen Creek’s math enrichment curriculum matches their needs.  At Mathnasium of Queen Cree...

Need Math Help? Catch Up and Learn for Understanding in our Queen Creek Math Learning Center

Jun 22, 2018

Related Topics:  Elementary School Math Tutoring  | Middle School Math Tutoring  | High School Math Tutoring  | Algebra  | Geometry  | Frequently Asked Questions   "Children don’t hate math. What they hate is being confused, intimidated,...

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