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A Time For Math

Oct 30, 2017

A Time For Math We are not all equal when it comes to learning. We do not learn the same way or in the same time. Each student is unique. When you train to become a teacher, it emphasizes repeatedly how different each student will be and how ea...

October News

Oct 2, 2017

October has arrived! 😊  Hopefully, cooler weather is just around the corner!! We have such awesome kids. Many students are bringing in A+ math tests from school. We are SO proud of them! We  enjoy their enthusiasm, and they are excited to sp...


Sep 25, 2017

The Math Problem                 We all want our children to succeed. It is difficult to watch our children struggle in school. Watching them struggle with a subject, or a concept within a specific subject, hurts us as much as them. We want it ...

A Numbers Journey

Sep 18, 2017

A Numbers Journey By: Kelly Koch Growing up, I did not love numbers. Math was not my “thing.” To this day, I am a lover of words and reading. Around 4th grade, I remember math starting to give me trouble. The ideas and processes did not clic...

Back To School!

Aug 16, 2017

     School is just around the corner, and we are excited to see how well our summer students have progressed. We anticipate high math grades for them this fall! :) For those in schools nearby, it would be so beneficial for them to continue. Remem...

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