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Anjali Gupta, Owner
Anjali holds a Bachelor's degree in Science with major as Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics and Post Graduate diploma in Computer Science. She has worked with Fortune 500 organizations for over a decade on technology projects, helped create marketing strategy and managed global projects. Anjali is a certified and active member of Project Management professional of Chicagoland Chapter and also holds Black Belt certification in Lean Sigma. As she summarizes her learning's: "Analytical skills developed by Math is THE KEY to success". Her appreciation to education and math in particular lured her to Mathnasium.

The best part about Mathnasium method is its ability to teach math in a way that makes sense to children. Anjali is excited about helping children learn a skill which will serve them in subjects beyond math. Beyond the campuses of high school and college.

Anjali and her husband, Sameer lives in Schaumburg and look forward to serving your family!
Amit Singh, Owner
Amit holds bachelor's degrees in Civil Engineering from IT BHU, Varanasi, India and MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from Northwestern University (Kellogg). He has extensive experience in IT and has played different roles including consultant, account manager, and sales director for top consulting companies including Infosys and Capgemini. Since childhood, Amit possessed a passion for Math and teaching. He has excellent knack and acumen in Math. He has teaching in his blood with his parents and grandparents all being educators and writers all of their lives. Apart from being a consultant, he has been a trainer for technology as well as soft skills, giving him exposure into teaching too.

Amit lives in Schaumburg.
Aimee Freyer, Center Director

Aimee holds a Bachelor's degree in social work from Winona State University in Minnesota. She then discovered a passion for teaching and she earned a Master's degree in early childhood education from Roosevelt University in Schaumburg. With her teaching certification, she then taught in Los Angeles Unified School District. After five years of teaching, she became the Instructional Coach of Mathematics at her school. As a Math coach, she learned new perspectives and methods for teaching mathematics. She also trained teachers on implementing these methods. This training reinforced her belief that "Math is all about logic, so we need to teach students math in a way that it makes sense to them."

Since then, Aimee has returned to the Chicagoland area to be near her family and friends. She has been drawn to Mathnasium beacause it provides students with the instruction to meet their individual needs, filling in the gaps of their mathematical understanding so the Math WILL make sense to them. With confidence in their understanding of math, students have the ability to pursue any interests they have, now and in the future.

Anthony Dengler, Instructor

Anthony holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, with a concentration in mathematics, from Roosevelt University. Anthony began his teaching career as an instructional aide working with middle school students in all subject areas. He is now a 6th grade mathematics teacher in the same school. Anthony has always had a passion for teaching math and enjoys seeing the excitement of his students when they finally understand something they couldn’t before.

Anthony believes that if a student does not like math it is often because they find it to be too hard. This is what led him to work at Mathnasium. At Mathnasium, students receive help in areas that are most challenging to them; the same areas that may make math feel more like a chore. Students are taught to do math in ways that make sense to them, ways that make it easier for them to understand. Anthony looks forward to continue to make math fun and interesting for his students so that they can learn to love math the same way that he does.

Jessica Schag, Instructor

Jessica attended St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in mathematics and education to become a certified teacher. She first discovered her passion for teaching math while still in middle school when she helped her classmates understand the homework better. Since then, she made it her goal to become a math teacher so she could help as many people as possible understand and develop a passion for math.

While still in college, Jessica tutored for an afterschool program and developed a summer school curriculum to help students advance to the next level. After graduating, she taught Geometry for two years at a public school while continuing to tutor privately on the weekends. Jessica recently moved to the Chicagoland area where she felt called to Mathnasium to continue her passion of helping students develop a better understanding and her own passion for math.

Jessica recently moved to the Chicagoland area where she felt called to Mathnasium to continue her passion of helping students develop a better understanding and her own passion for math.

Jessica Piehl, Instructor

Jess holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. While she was completing her degree, Jess began working with a high school student in Pre-calculus. She discovered the joy in helping this student gain a better understanding of class material. After graduation Jess moved to Illinois and has continued to work as a tutor in both private and agency settings. The emphasis on developing basic math skills and mastering fundamental concepts at all levels initially attracted Jess to Mathnasium. Having worked mostly with high school students including students in AP Calculus; Jess notes that students often struggle with a mathematical idea when they are missing the foundations on which the idea is built. Joining the Mathnasium team has enabled her to continue to enjoy two passions: math and working with kids.

Jess lives in Palatine with her husband, son and dog.
Heather Davis, Instructor

Heather received a Bachelor’s degree in Child Development from the University of Illinois and a Master’s degree in Elementary Education from Roosevelt University.  She is currently working as a teaching assistant at the high school level, while planning on taking additional coursework to eventually be a certified middle-school math teacher.  She student-taught fifth grade, and through this experience and as part of her master’s coursework, she incorporated creative writing within mathematics instruction in order to increase critical thinking skills.  This experience increased her passion for helping students improve their critical thinking and problem solving skills. 


Heather has always enjoyed math and wishes that more students felt positive about learning math.  She volunteered as a math tutor with a first grade classroom, and was motivated to continue to help students improve their math skills and feel more confident in their abilities. She was drawn to Mathnasium because of the positive attitude the instructors have in making math fun and helping students to build their confidence level in the foundational skills of mathematics. 

Sharon Kozlowski, Instructor
Sharon followed her calling to teach math, after spending several years working in the construction industry. With a background in coaching children in athletics, Sharon decided to become a teacher so she could return to working with children and have a positive effect on them. She earned her masterís degree in teaching secondary mathematics from National-Louis University. She is currently teaching middle school math in District 54. She enjoys working at Mathnasium because she feels gratified by seeing the light bulbs go on in studentsí heads, so the students build their confidence and start to enjoy math.
Reita Hana, Instructor

Reita has enjoyed math since she was very young, and went on to earn a Bachelorís degree in Mathematics and Actuarial Science at Roosevelt University. As a child, she was fortunate to have many great teachers who helped her understand and enjoy math. Her goal is to help others understand math so they can love math, as well. She began helping others with math by tutoring classmates while she was a student. She continued to share her love of math by tutoring students privately and at Roosevelt University.

With children of her own in District 54, she also volunteers in their classrooms to help students in math.

Alexander Naumoff, Instructor

Alexander attended Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, IL at the start of the spring 2008 semester with major in secondary education in mathematics. Currently, he is student-teaching at Pritzker Elementary School in Chicago, IL. He is teaching 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade mathematics, as well as an 8th grade gifted Algebra I course. Alexander will graduate from Northeastern Illinois University this upcoming December with a Bachelor’s of Art in mathematics, an Illinois secondary teaching certificate, and a middle school math endorsement.

Alexander is convinced that most people fear math for two reasons. First off, he thinks that a lot of students view math as “irrelevant” to them in life or have no use of this information. But more importantly, very poor math teachers are the number one reason why students are turned-off to mathematics. Alexander believes, Mathnasium Method is designed to help students understand math in a way that makes sense to them for life thereby resulting in a positive attitude amongst students. At Mathnasium each and every instructor demonstrates a calm, persistent and positive attribute to help students reach their potential goals in mathematics.

Stephanie Lewton, Instructor
Stephanie holds a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. Stephanie began her teaching career after college working as an instructional aide in an elementary school. She then taught first grade. In her first grade classroom she noticed that her students’ needs were not being met in math. She observed and talked with other teachers to begin to modify the way she presented the math curriculum in her classroom so that it better served her students. Stephanie has always loved math and enjoys helping students gain confidence in their abilities and develop their own passion for learning.
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