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Geared toward elementary school students and their families, we offer a fun and engaging Math-Fair event for schools, kids clubs, churches, and civic groups. Fun-packed with Giant Chess and Checkers, Contests and our A+ Mascot, a Mathnasium Math Fair is a fun way to engage students and their families around fun with math.

Check out this video to see for yourself.

Contact us at 763-269-6969 to arrange a Math Fair for your group.


Looking for donations or volunteers for your student group's event?

Contact us at 763-269-6969 about supporting your group with a Mathnasium Games Gift Bag donation and/or volunteer support from our instructors.


Is your PTO or parent group interested in learning some tips to help their students' learn math better at home?.

We would be happy to present some of our strategies and methods in a 15- to 60-minute presentation tailored to your group.

Contact us at 763-269-6969 to arrange a Parent-Tips Presentation for your group.