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Mathletes at Mathnasium of University Irvine Math Learning Center are showing RESULTS!!!
Our Center would like to congratulate the following Mathnasium of University Irvine Mathletes(students) who have made it on to our Student Success Board this month of September. Whenever our Mathletes receive an "A" grade on their school quizzes and tests, they may bring the exam and have their name proudly presented on our Student Success Board.We currently have two Student Success Boards located by the entrance as well as the office. Our Mathletes are aware that this is their opportunity to earn a Mathnasium University Irvine shirt as well as other prizes. Most importantly, this is a great opportunity for them to express their math education accomplishments! 
Spread the success! As something fun for our Mathletes, if they refer a friend who enrolls in our program, our Mathlete receives 25 punch cards. These punch cards are motivating our Mathletes to be more productive in our center! 
Congratulations to our following Mathletes for being "A+Players! Keep up the great work!
Lower Math
Alexis S.
Cyrus A.
Evan P.
Jameson L.
Kareena B.
Keyon C.
Kylee N.
Lea N.
Lionel L.
Logan B.
Nikki K.
Sophia R.
Yahya H.
Zoe F.
Higher Math
Anna J.
Ariyana A.
Awsito S.
Ayushi D.
Ben J.
Brendan W.
Brooke B.
Bryce D.
Calvin Z.
Christian D.
Elena S.
Haley D.
Isabella S.
Jake G.
Joe L.
Jonathan C.
Jordan N.
Kamya N.
Kyle S.
Jordan N.
Louie O.
Louie Q.
Madeline W.
Megan K.
Momoe A.
Nathan N.
Neil H.
Preston K.
Priyanshi S.
Radhika T.
Rahan A.
Rajit S.
Sanghi S.
Saloni S.
Yasmeen B.