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Mathnasium and the Summertime - Perfect Pairing

Apr 4, 2017

We've had several parents ask us "do we still come to Mathnasium in the summer?"  The answer is most emphatically "YES!".  The Mathnasium method is most powerful when executed in an environment focused purely on it, without the pressures of homework and tests.

A word on our materials.  Our materials are actually packets of learning that introduce a concept, lead the child through practice to learn and reinforce knowledge, then caps off with a page that checks mastery of that topic.  Its these packets (called "Prescriptives") that are the secret sauce of Mathnasium.  These materials, coupled with our instructos that are trained to deliver these concepts in the Mathnasium Way, truly do work to build skills.  I have seen children move from a shallow knowledge of fractions to truly mastering them, not just on paper but mentally, all due to diligently working through the carefully ordered prescriptives assigned to them.  In a perfect world children would work only on those concepts they need in a logical order, but during the school year their brains are multi-tasking in math - what is appropriate for them (Mathnasium) and what is required of them (classwork).  It can be very frustrating to the kids at times.

Summer is the perfect world I speak of.  The summertime is a short period that all parents should take advantage of at Mathnasium.  Its roughly 8 weeks where your child can be unleashed at Mathnasium to immerse themselves in this wonderful process.  Our kids who attend regularly in the summer explode with confidence and enthusiasm about math.  When the fall comes and they enter their new math classes - watch out!

I encourage everyone to enjoy the summer, give the mind a bit of a break but don't hang up the learning spurs completely.  The summer slide is real, children do lose knowledge when away from it for a long stretch.  Coming to Mathnasium 2-3 times a week stops this slide and provides tremendous benefits!

~Andrew Kelly, Owner, Mathnasium of Westchase