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Geometry for Younger Learners Camp 2017

April 10th - April 11th 9am - 12pm

Recommended Grades: 2nd - 5th

During this two day camp students will learn early Geometry skills including categorizing 2-D figures and finding symmetry. Games and activities are used to introduce and apply Geometric vocabulary including angles, triangles and lines.

Connecting Fractions to Art Camp 2017

July 17th - 20th 9am - 12pm

Recommended Grades: 2nd - 5th

Students use drawings and models to compare the size of fractions and determine fractions that are equivalent to each other. Students will also create illustrations and use manipulatives to understand and represent “reducing” fractions as well as other faction related concepts.


Problem Solving and Chess Camp 2017

August 7th - August 10th  9am - 12pm

Recommended Grades: 2nd - 6th

Strengthen critical thinking, strategic planning and reasoning skills through the game of chess. Students will also apply those skills through solving various types of word problems





Join us for the 6th Annual National TriMathlon!

Test your math skills, receive awesome participant gifts, earn money for local schools and be eligible to win additional prizes!

Always a fun and festive event, the TriMathlon is a math event where kids in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades compete in three exciting math challenges -- The Counting Game, Magic Squares, and Mental Math Workout. Participants receive great goody bags and earn money to be donated to local schools. Local winners receive medals and prizes. National winners receive additional donations to local schools and additional prizes.

The event takes place at Mathnasium of West Hartford


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