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How to improve Math Grades by changing 4 bad math habits

Nov 25, 2017

Children dramatically improve accuracy on math homework and math tests when good math habits replace bad ones. Some mistakes happen due to a lack of understanding, but mistakes in accuracy usually happen because of poor habits. Some people call...

Reduce The Stress Related to Math and Math Grades

Nov 6, 2017

Too many kids are stressed out. A common childhood stressor is academic pressure. Feeling as if you don’t measure up to expectations is stressful. Feeling less successful than other kids in class is also stressful. The pressure may come fro...

Why Algebra or Geometry Math Grades Are Crashing And How To Fix It

Oct 30, 2017

Does this describe your situation? Your child did fairly well in math through 7th or 8th grade. As and Bs on math tests were common. Homework? No struggles. Math grades “met expectations.” And then … BAM! They start algebra or geometry and sudd...

Should you worry if your child gets a C in math?

Oct 26, 2017

Is a C in Math Class Good Enough? It’s report card day and your child gets a C in math. Is a C good enough? What does a C, or any grade, really mean? A grade of “C” is especially ambiguous.  Grading is an imperfect system. Letter gra...

Get better at math now and save money later

Oct 23, 2017

Don’t Get Stuck with the Costs of Remedial College Math No one wants to burn through their college savings needlessly.  The quality of your child’s math education in high school greatly impacts their future in college. Learn the reality of coll...

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