April / May 2015 Newsflash: Math Muscle Challenge

By Mathnasium | Added Apr 8, 2015


Sharks have more than one row of teeth in their mouths. One kind of shark has 4 rows of teeth, with 12 teeth in each row, on their bottom jaw line. How many teeth would 2 of these sharks have on their bottom jaw line in total?

Middle/High School

In a survey of 1,000 people, 10% said they do not watch TV, 25% said they watch 1-3 hours of TV a day, 40% said they watch 3-5 hours of TV a day, and the rest said they watch more than 5 hours of TV a day. How many people said that they watch more than 5 hours of TV a day?


Answers to Last Month’s Math Muscle Challenge:

Elementary: 15 cartons

Middle/High School: 61 miles