Celebrate Earth Day with Math Bingo Fun!

By | Added Apr 22, 2015


Here at Mathnasium we love Earth Day! It's a chance to celebrate the beauty and math we find in the natural world around us, and to use our math skills creatively to find ways we can preserve the beauty of our planet for generations to come.

We encourage you to celebrate Earth Day and practice your math skills with our Earth Day Bingo Card! Involve your familly and friends as you do your part to conserve, recycle, and appreciate nature.

Take a moment to appreciate the symmetry of a flower, to find geometry in the world around you, to calculate the environmental impact your behavior has, and to brainstorm ways you can reduce your ecological footprint on the world around you. 

While applying your math skills to the world around you is rewarding on its own, we want to give you something special for making a difference during Earth Day week. Complete five activities in a row on your card, and bring the completed card into your local Mathnasium center to collect a fun prize! 

Earth Day Bingo Card:


You can also download the PDF of our Earth Day Bingo Card here.