Teacher Appreciation at Mathnasium HQ: Larry Martinek Thanks Mr. Harris

By | Added May 14, 2015


We're thrilled with the response we've gotten to our Teacher Appreciation Facebook celebration, and we want to keep the teacher love going this week on the blog! We've asked a few of our math experts here at Mathnasium HQ to share the teachers who have inspired them and transformed their lives.

Today we are pleased to welcome Larry Martinek, Chief Instructional Officer and Mathnasium Method™ creator, to the blog to share his teacher hero with us!

"Here at Mathnasium HQ I oversee our Education department and host our math YouTube series, Operation MathleteIn my over 40 years of teaching and working with instructors and students at Mathnasium, I have seen the transformative effect a truly great teacher can have on a student's life.

Today I'd like to thank Akiba Harris, one of my two Algebra 1 teachers. He made Algebra make sense to me, and helped me to understand how influential a teacher can be. I want to sincerely thank him for his dedication and time, and for being patient and thorough in teaching concepts that so many students struggle with in school. Thank you, Mr. Harris!"


We want to hear about YOUR teacher heroes! Do you have a teacher who has changed your life for the better? Know of a teacher who goes above and beyond the call of duty and transforms his/her students lives? Email us at ilovemath@mathnasium.com to nominate an extraordinary teacher in your life for the chance to win a special "thank you" Mathnasium prize pack!