"Woof" Problem Wednesday!

By | Added Nov 18, 2015

We don't know about you, but there's something about wagging tails and soulful puppy eyes that makes our hearts grow soft... hence today's doggie-themed word problem featuring some very hungry dogs! Give it a try—we'll update this article with the answer tomorrow.

Tracey’s dogs eat 3/10 of a bag of dog food a day. If Tracey has two full bags of dog food, how many full days can Tracey feed her dogs?

Update: Solution - Tracey has 2 bags of dog food. She needs 3/10 of a bag to feed her dogs a day. So to find how many full days Tracey can feed her dogs, we divide the 2 bags of dog food by the 3/10 that Tracey uses a day. 2 ÷ 3/10 = 2 × 10/2 = 20/3 = 6 2/3. Tracey does not have enough for 7 full days, so she has enough for 6 full days!