1 + 1 Equals Success at Mathnasium in La Jolla

By Mathnasium | Added Oct 13, 2016

Photo credit: Zeena Gregg / Zeena Gregg (via La Jolla Light)

Educator and Mathnasium of La Jolla franchise owner Karen Lossing talks about the Mathnasium difference.

The exercise at Mathnasium of La Jolla is not of the body but of the brain, specifically the side of the brain that processes mathematics and solves problems related to it. For kids struggling with math (or those who understand it but want to excel), Mathnasium, the Math Learning Center, adds up. The decade-old, so-called Mathnasium Method is taught in more than 600 learning centers in North America, including the La Jolla location, which opened about three years ago. The Pearl Street center is owned by former elementary school teacher and administrator Karen Lossing, who also has Mathnasium locations in La Costa, Forest Ranch and north Carlsbad. Lossing emphasizes that the Mathnasium instruction goes far beyond what would be considered after-school tutoring. "What makes us different," Lossing said, "is our instructors teach kids concepts in math. The other part of what we do is a lot of Socratic questioning. We don't just tell the kids what to do. We're trying to set them up for success, because the next day (after their Mathnasium session) they're in school."

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