Former NASA Staffer Helps Students Master Math in Ankeny

By Mathnasium | Added Oct 19, 2016

Photo credit: The Des Moines Register

Math educator and Mathnasium of Ankeny franchise owner Tommy Ericson discusses the Mathnasium approach to math education.

If a student needs an extra boost in math, Ankeny's latest tutoring service, Mathnasium, can help.

"We are a math only supplemental education facility. We focus on just math and we teach for understanding," said owner Tommy Ericson.

Mathnasium works with students in grades two through 12, although there is curriculum available for students in prekindergarten through calculus. Students have a membership and can turn to Mathnasium for help a couple times each week.

"We recommend students are here two or three times a week, so they receive enough exposure to the material for it to sink in," he said. "We also present our material in a way that makes sense, using a mental-verbal-visual-written tactile. We cover the gamut, so we hit all learning styles."

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