It Adds Up: Give Your Mind a Workout With Math

By Mathnasium | Added Nov 9, 2016

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Kama Friedman, educator and owner of Mathnasium of California and Dunkirk, shares her Mathnasium journey and expands on Mathnasium's approach to math education.

California, MD – You’ve heard it before—“you can work hard or you can work smart.” That would seem like a good approach to the subject of mathematics. Many students find this one subject to be a deal-breaker when it comes to embracing the idea that learning is fun. Instead of presenting math as a burdensome subject, Kama Friedman has found that the same mindset that is applied to making physical activity fun works for math as well.

“Kids don’t hate math, they hate the struggle,” said Friedman, the franchisee for two Mathnasium locations in Southern Maryland—Dunkirk and California. “There’s lots of fun in numbers.”

As a child Friedman excelled in math. “I always loved math but I had a good support staff,” she explained, identifying her family as being very skilled at the subject. Not every child grows up in such an environment and when a subject proves challenging it’s not surprising when a student falls behind the rest of the class. That is where Mathnasium can help. “If they don’t understand what they are doing, kids will fight,” said Friedman. “Just get them here once and they won’t fight again.”

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