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Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

Our staff members are highly qualified and rigorously trained individuals who must first pass a comprehensive set of assessments covering all aspects of mathematics before even being considered for the Instructor position.  Background checks are an essential part of the hiring process as is a "trial run" interaction with the students. Our instructors are required to undergo continuous training. Drop by to meet the instructors and owners anytime!



April Nicholson, Center Director

April graduated from Crowder College with a degree in Mathematics, and Missouri Southern State University with a degree in Environmental Health. She has more than 15 years of experience tutoring high school and college students in math, from algebra to calculus. April believes that math doesn't have to be as difficult as some make it. She explains complex math problems in words that are easy to understand, and can easily adapt to any students' learning style. 

Favorite Number: 37

Favorite Math Joke:


I love Mathnasium because..... we make math fun and easy to understand.




 Katie Bartelt, Owner 


Katie holds a BA and a Masters from the University of Arkansas.  After getting her masters, Katie pursued a career in teaching and was a math teacher at Bentonville High School for five years and taught Algebra II and IB Math Studies.  Katie has always loved math and has a passion to make math understandable to those around her.  She has always loved tutoring students inside and outside of school and helping them to understand and love math.  Katie and her husband Nick have three young sons.  Katie loves spending extra time reading, playing sports, and any activities with her husband and three sons.

Favorite Number:  11, because I have always liked odd numbers.

Be rational get real cartoon pi


Favorite Math Joke: 

 I love Mathnasium because..... the curriculum builds a true understanding of math and numbers and helps students be successful and have fun with math.

Fun Fact: Katie loves watching and playing sports and is a big Razorback fan!  Go Hogs!




MartinekLarry Martinek, Creator of the Mathnasium Method

Larry Martinek, Chief Instructional Officer, Developer of Mathnasium Program. 

Larry has spent his entire career finding a better way to teach math. From inner city to public schools, to acclaimed magnet schools, to leading private and parochial schools, Larry has served as both a classroom teacher and as an educational consultant. He has designed curriculum, teaching strategies, and teaching materials designed to help students and teachers learn math more effectively. He has trained teachers in the art and science of boosting students' ability to “do” math, thereby increasing students' math scores and feeling of self-worth. Larry is the developer of Mathnasium’s educational program – one of the most comprehensive and innovative curriculas ever produced for teaching math.

While Larry is not an Instructor at our Center, he is a valuable asset we can call on to ask about specific students' scenarios for guidance and advice. This has helped to make visits more productive and enjoyable for many of our students. 



 Amanda Rhodes, Assistant Center Director

  Amanda has her BS in Mathematics with a Minor in Statistics from       Arkansas State University.  She is an Adjunct Instructor at Northwest   Arkansas Community College and the Assistant Center Director at   Mathnasium of Bentonville.  Amanda and her husband Jake have two   kids, two fur babies, and a snake.  She enjoys teaching math because   she likes helping others to understand something they didn’t before.


 Favorite Number: 3.1415… Pi; Pi Day of the Century is when I   married my husband Jake.

 Favorite Math Joke: Q: Did you hear the one about the Statistician?

                                      A:  Probably

 Fun Fact: Amanda plays roller derby when she can.




 Ana Micula, Instructor

 Ana Micula holds a Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Arkansas.  After getting her Bachelors, Ana is currently pursuing a career in Data Analytics and tutoring mathematics.  Ana’s passion for math began when realizing the concept of math being a whole new language that when studied/mastered can be an incredible tool throughout life.  Ana has always loved helping kids understand the world of math.  Ana is also Romanian and is married to a Ciprian.  Together they love to cook, travel, and have coffee.

Favorite Math Joke: Q: Are monsters good at math?

                                      A:  Not unless you Count Dracula.

I love Mathnasium because…. It truly helps/enhances a child’s ability

Fun Fact: Ana is Romanian and has 12 siblings!


​Ben Warfield, Instructor

Ben is a junior at the University of Arkansas.  He is majoring in mathematics and minoring in computer science.  He went to BHS.  He loves helping people realize that math is super fun!


Favorite Number: 20

I love Mathnasium because….. helping kids understand math is so important and making it fun at a young age builds a lifetime of intelligence.

Fun Fact: Ben is allergic to pineapple.




Bryant Herrera, Instructor

Bryant holds two BA’s.  One is from the University of Arkansas and the other is from UCA.  Bryant graduated from Rogers High School.


Favorite Number: 5

Favorite Math Joke: Q: Why did 7 eat 9?

                                      A:  Because you need to eat 3 squared meals a                                                    day.

I love Mathnasium because…. It helps students figure out how they are able to learn math the best.

Fun Fact: I play roller derby when I can.





Carolyn Tuel, Instructor


  Carolyn holds a BA in Math from Thomas Edison State University, and   she is pursuing her Master of Arts in Teaching at John Brown University   here in Arkansas.  Carolyn has spent the last 5 years tutoring students   in math and has loved every minute of it!  Her goal is to inspire every   student to love math as much as she does.  When not working or   studying, Carolyn loves to spend extra time crafting, reading, and   hanging out with her family.


 Favorite Number: 50, just because 😊

 Favorite Math Joke: I’m cold-natured, so I always sit in a corner   because they are always 90 degrees.

 I love Mathnasium because…. The curriculum meets every student   where they are at and understands that each student progresses at   his/her own pace.

                                                                   Fun Fact: Carolyn loves reading, playing the piano, and doing math for                                                                          fun!


Jennifer Zeng, Instructor

 Jennifer moved to Bentonville last year from Jacksonville, Florida and is   currently a sophomore at Bentonville High School.  She has been   competing in math competitions since elementary school and loves to   help others understand the beauty of math.  Outside of school, Jennifer   loves to read, listen to music, and play the piano.


 Favorite Number: 24, it’s my birthdate!

 Favorite Math Joke: A farmer counted 196 sheep in the field, but when   he rounded them up he had 200.

 I love Mathnasium because…. Being able to see the students when   they finally understand the concept after a lot of hard work is amazing!

                                                               Fun Fact: Jennifer has been playing piano since kindergarten.  She can                                                                          also speak Chinese.


Jordan Lawrence, Instructor

 Jordan is a junior at the University of Arkansas.  She is a pre-med honors   Biology major and plans to attend medical school in the next few years.     She ultimately wants to become a neurosurgeon.  Jordan loves math, and   has always excelled in the subject.


 Favorite Number: 15

 Favorite Math Joke: Q: What do you call a snake that is exactly 3.14   meters long?

                                      A:  A pi-thon

 I love Mathnasium because…. I like working with kids and teaching   math at the same time.

 Fun Fact: Jordan is ambidextrous.  






Juan Aguilar, Instructor

 Juan holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and a BS in   Physics from the University of Arkansas.  Juan is currently   working on finishing his Masters degree in Electrical   Engineering.  Juan has always enjoyed math and was   always interested in the application of advanced   mathematics.  Juan has had the pleasure of tutoring his   peers since his sophomore year in college.  Juan loves   spending time with his wife, Kaity, and enjoys spending   time reading, playing video games, and learning music.


 Favorite Number: 4, because 4=2+2=2 x 2 = 2^2

 Favorite Math Joke: Q: Why is 6 afraid of 7.

                                      A:  Because 7 ate 9.

 I love Mathnasium because…. It helps students learn                                                                                                     math in a fun, low pressure environment.

                                                                                        Fun Fact: Juan loves watching sports, especially the NBA!


Justin Kilgo, Instructor

  Justin is currently a junior at Bentonville West High School, and   currently taking AP Calculus BC.  He has always enjoyed tutoring   friends and fellow classmates, when they were confused about a   concept.  This led Justin to apply for Mathnasium as he would get   to help others with math every week.  Justin has one sibling and   enjoys hanging out with him and his dad.    In his free time, Justin   loves to ride his bike, do math, and learn about topics he’s   interested in.


 Favorite Number: 19, Justin has always liked it for some reason

 Favorite Math Joke:

 I love Mathnasium because…. I enjoy teaching students and   seeing them progress in mathematics.  It is always awesome to see   a student understand a concept after not understanding it for a                                                                                         while.

                                                                           Fun Fact: Justin loves to mountain bike!


Priya Thelapurath, Instructor

 Priya has taken math classes up to Calculus BC.  She was on the math   counts team in middle school.  Priya has always loved math and   learning new concepts in math.  She thinks it’s super interesting to see   how all types of concepts are interrelated and build off of each other.     Priya loves working with kids and teaching math so that they can learn   to love math too.


 Favorite Number: 3

 I love Mathnasium because…. The Mathnasium way encourages   students to find creative ways to solve problems.

 Fun Fact: Priya’s favorite Netflix TV show is the Office.  Her favorite                                                                                 character is Dwight Schrute.