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The best way to see if Mathnasium is a good fit for your child is to visit our center. Take advantage of our complementary assessment or trial session to see what we're all about!






How do I know Mathnasium will be a good fit for my child?

Our free assessment and consultation will identify key areas of both struggle and success. This helps us determine which math tutoring services we provide at our Cary IL learning center, if any, are right for your child’s individual needs.

My child is pretty far ahead of his grade-level in math and not finding enough challenge in his current academic setting. Do you work with advanced learners?

Because our tutoring is structured according to the individual student, we offer any learner the benefit of personalized instruction. Our Cary IL mathematics tutors meet our students at their level, improve math skills appropriate to their need, and provide advanced students the challenge they crave in our individualized instruction.  

How can Mathnasium help my child who used to be a high achiever but is now making low grades? Her confidence seems gone.

Math instruction in many educational environments can depend on monotonous “drill-and-kill” repetition and broad, general assessments. This sort of instruction can create holes in learning, leaving large areas of mathematic understanding inaccessible. As these holes increase over time, students’ mathematic abilities begin to crumble, and their progress can come to a halt. This can be very difficult for a child’s self-esteem as they may start to feel hopeless in their struggle to gain math skills.

At Mathnasium of Cary IL, our assessments have been crafted with the identification of a student’s learning gaps in mind so that we can target those areas specifically for growth. Parents find that after using our consistently targeted approach we not only restore a student’s understanding and help them begin making progress again, but as skills begin to grow, so does the student’s self-confidence. 

Wouldn’t individual tutoring be a better way to address my child’s math issues?

If the goal of seeking help is to complete homework and have assessment grades improve temporarily, private tutoring may be a great option. However, without addressing missing elements in your child’s understanding and skill level, those same problems are likely to reoccur.

Because we are highly trained specifically for math education and building those key concepts students are missing, we help your child deepen the understanding he or she already shows, fill learning gaps, gain skills in critical thinking, and increase their mathematical fluency in areas such as numeracy. This will not only enhance their current achievement level but secure their future success in math. 


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Why is Mathnasium the best option? 

Mathnasium of Cary IL provides an entirely different level of math instruction. Our specified skill-leveling tests, educational math experts, and safe, inviting learning atmosphere give your child an edge no one else can match. We assess more than just skills and ability, searching to discover how your child learns best. Our individualized lessons emphasize their strengths and work to build their ability in weak areas. We offer a personalized growth plan for each child with consistent coaching aimed at building their self-confidence in their ability to approach math in any situation - including both the classroom and the real-world setting. Along with their carefully selected peer group, our highly-qualified and specially-trained teachers will coach your child and help build a solid, durable math foundation topped with comprehensive skills that will last a lifetime.  We provide our students with the skills and confidence they need to build a long-lasting mathematical legacy that will start from wherever they are and provide a paved, well-marked journey to success. 

Ready to give your child the gift of mathematical success? Contact Mathnasium of Cary IL today for your free assessment and placement in the math program that works best for your family. We offer math help to students throughout Cary, Fox River Grove, Oakwood Hills, and Trout Valley. 



Call Now (224) 357-0975 and Learn More!


Where are your child’s math skills?

Both you and your child can take our interactive quizzes to see how much you remember! What grade are they in?