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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

 Andrew, Center Director 

Andrew graduated from UCSD with a degree in Mathematics. His student observations, parent consultation abilities, understanding of Common Core and Integrated Math expectations, while bridging kids from elementary through middle school to high school make him an outstanding resource for leading the center in student growth of math skills and problem solving.


Vivian, Assistant Center Director

Vivian graduated from UCSD and has not only worked in our center, but a Mathnasium in Irvine as well. She has tutored at both the high school and collegiate level. Vivian prides herself on her excellent communications skills as she balances simplicity with thoroughness. Her favorite part about working with kids is making them feel happy while remaining focused. That is the perfect recipe for our Mathnasium instructors.


Ethan, Instructor

Ethan has a Masters degree in Economics, but found his true love with math. Using his experience as a teaching assistant at UCSD, he makes complex topics become simpler with our high school students. Ethan loves showing our high schoolers the reasoning behind all of the mathematical rules that they use.

Ivan, Instructor 

Ivan is a first year at UCSD and loves working with students of all ages, but especially our high school kids. He is terrific with the integrated math program and stays ahead of the pack by studying their upcoming chapters so he is completely familiar with what the kids are learning in school. 

Maya, Instructor 

Maya loves math. Like, Maya REALLY loves math. She is a current math major at UCSD and the Vice President of Finance for her sorority. Maya will take upper division math courses at UCSD just for fun. In her words, " I love math so much that I honestly don't know where to begin. Math is a universal language that can connect anyone from any age, gender, or background, and I think that's beautiful. I love that math is able to explain the world around us, and that is interdisciplinary and shows up in every single subject. I just really love math." She brings her endless enthusiasm to make sure the kids love math too!

Janet, Instructor 

Janet is studying math and computer science at UC San Diego. She comes with a background in customer service and brings that same patience and understanding to our students. Janet specializes in a student's reasoning for a problem and ensuring that a student understands why each step of a problem is the correct one. 

Matthias, Instructor 

Matthias is a Mathematics-Computer Science major at UCSD. He is also president of a fraternity for Engineers, Architects, and Scientists. He uses his expertise of STEM topics to emphasize the real world importance of the math that a student is learning. He provides great leadership for our students while making math fun! 

Danielle, Math Beast

Danielle is a graduating senior at La Jolla High School and attending UCLA in the fall. She plans on going further into math, has awesome math t-shirts, and always makes our students happier about math! Currently taking college level calculus, Danielle is a great asset to our center with her endless enthusiasm and comprehensive math knowledge. 

Olivia, Math Beast

Olivia currently attends LJHS. She excels in her math classes while also being a soccer star and a tennis ace. Olivia is a favorite of many of our students for how fun and simple she can make math. 

Henry, Math Beast

Henry definitely makes math more fun for our younger students! He's great with getting the most out of a student's session and he's even better at our math games.

Nyla, Math Beast

Nyla started as a student at Mathnasium of La Jolla. After receiving help with both her foundation and her homework, she decided that she wanted to be a part of what makes Mathnasium so great! Working with our youngest students, Nyla knows exactly how the Mathnasium Method can benefit the understanding and long term growth of a student. 

Karen, Executive Director 

Prior to opening Mathnasium of La Jolla, Karen worked as a 3rd, 5th, and Special Education teacher, math curriculum writer, and elementary school administrator, focusing on 21st Century learning.  Karen has always loved math, and upon relocating from Texas to California, jumped at the opportunity to spend her day working with kids to make them more successful in the subject. Karen is enthusiastic about her team helping children in the La Jolla communities to truly understand math by teaching it in a way that makes sense to them. You may reach out to her any time with any questions. She is actively involved in our center.

Libby, Director of Operations

After a couple years of being a seasonal instructor in our center, Libby recently graduated from UCLA and has joined onto our team as the Director of Operations. While she is no stranger to the instruction and tutoring aspects of our center, Libby focuses on the community involvement side of our center. So if you have any school events or sponsorship opportunities you would like Mathnasium of La Jolla to be involved in, Libby is your girl!