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Appointy booking URL: | We offer BOTH in-center AND live, web-based instruction through Mathnasium@home from the same local, expert instructors who teach in our center. Call or text 699-5995 (631 area code) for more information! Enrolled Familes MAKE APPOINTMENTS USING: and sign in to Appointy using your email address and password, or text 699-5995 (631 area code) and ask for the "portal password" to login in to the portal, below (you'll still need your Appointy password to make appointments in the portal).

Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

CenterDirectorRich Alfano, Owner and Center Director 

Rich is the co-owner and Center Director at Mathnasium of Sayville.  Prior to opening his Mathnasium learning center, Rich worked as a corporate finance consultant for over 18 years, most recently with Deloitte Consulting.  Rich's consulting work focused on helping executives and boards make better financial business decisions, reduce costs, increase profits, and create sustainable growth--by leveraging his deep expertise in financial analytics, modeling, and value-based management.  He has an MBA from New York University's Stern School of Business and a BS in Nuclear Technology from Excelsior College.  Rich also served for 6 years in the US navy, as a reactor operator, engineering watch supervisor, and nuclear-trained electronics technician.  Given his extensive experience using math in his engineering and finance careers, Rich has unique insights into its practical applications, and he is enthusiastic about helping every child in the Sayville, Oakdale, and nearby communities to truly understand math by teaching it in the way that makes sense to them. Rich was especially inspired by his wife, Christine Carrion-Alfano (co-owner of Mathnasium of Sayville), a special education teacher in the Middle Country Central School district (Chris retired in June 2019 after a 34-year teaching career).  Having seen Chris's positive impact on her students (and the joy in their grateful parents' eyes) over the years, Rich decided to leave consulting behind and spend his days helping children conquer their fears and learn to love math!


AssistantCenterDirectorChris Carrion-Alfano, Owner and Assistant Center Director

Chris is the co-owner and Assistant Center Director at Mathnasium of Sayville.  In June 2019, she retired from the Middle Country Central School District after 34 years classroom experience working with students in grades K-7 as a Special Education Teacher.   Chris has been recognized by the district, her peers, and her students’ parents for her unique, highly effective teaching style, team leadership skills, and unwavering dedication to working with and helping challenging students.  In 2019, she was selected by the NY State Board of Regents as one of two finalists for the Helen Bach Moss Memorial Better Beginnings Award, which “recognizes elementary teachers who are gifted in finding and nurturing the strengths of each student and fostering trusting relationships among pupils, parents, teachers, and administrators.”  She was selected by her district's special education department leadership team to leverage her knowledge and experience to facilitate monthly meetings as the Parent Trainer and Counselor for parents of special needs students.  She self-published Animals Can Demonstrate Values Too—a character education book used by teachers as a springboard for discussion alongside school district character education curriculums. Chris holds a Master of Science in Education from Adelphi University (with 90 educational field credits post-Master degree), and a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Dowling College.  Chris is excited about expanding her reach by working with her husband, Rich, to help students in the Sayville, Oakdale, and surrounding communities develop their number sense and gain competence and confidence in their math skills.  Chris is known for inspiring self-confidence and a can-do attitude in her “Cool Cats,” and brings this same energy to Mathnasium of Sayville, where she works with our youngest students and students with special needs, and coaches and trains our staff!

Our Instruction Staff

Our staff consists of highly qualified, experienced, and rigorously trained women and men who must first pass a comprehensive set of verbal and written assessments covering all aspects of mathematics and instruction philosophy before even being considered for a position.

Background checks are an essential part of the hiring process, as is a "trial run" interaction with the students.

Finally, all instructors are required to undergo continuous training.  Our staff not only does an excellent job of teaching math, but they create a positive, enthusiastic atmosphere providing the support and encouragement your child may need.

All of our instructors are passionate about math and love to work with the kids. They are there to help your child succeed in school and in life.

We welcome you to drop by and meet us anytime!


Christian is a graduate of Stony Brook University with a bachelor's degree in chemistry and a minor in applied mathematics and statistics. He also has several years of experience tutoring math and science at both high school and college level. 





Favorite Math Topic: Statistics

Fun Fact: One of my hobbies is learning how to solve puzzles such as rubik's cubes.

Favorite Math Joke: Dear Math, I am not a Therapist... Solve your own problems!


Eugene is a student at Queens College, working towards his bachelors degree in secondary math education.  In 2017, he graduated from William Floyd High School, where he took all honors classes throughout his high school career, including BC Calculus. He was also heavily involved in the school's Math Club and Quiz Bowl Team. Prior to joining Mathnasium of Sayville in June 2020, Eugene gained experience teaching in all levels of math at other Mathnasiums for 3 years. Eugene studies hard at Queens College during the academic school year and works hard at our learning center to help our students dominate math all year long!


Favorite Math Topic: Calculus

Favorite Movie Quote: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

Fun Fact: I played baseball my entire life and am still a massive fan of the game. Go Yankees!

Favorite Mathematician: Pythagoras

Favorite Shape: Diamond

Favorite Number: 25


Alaina is a student at SUNY Binghamton pursuing a degree in Chemistry. In 2020, she graduated from Connetquot High School, where she was a member of the marching band, as well as the track and cross country teams. Alaina was enrolled in BC Calculus during her senior year and completed honors coursework throughout her time in high school. Math has always been her favorite subject and she hopes to help students discover their own love for the subject.

Favorite Math Topic: Sequences and Series

Favorite Number: 26

Favorite Math Joke: What do baby parabolas drink? Quadratic formula.

Fun Fact: I’ve been to 8 places outside of the U.S.



Simon received his B.A. in Philosophy from Cornell University in 2018. He is most interested in topics in Logic, Philosophy of Science and the History of Philosophy and is planning to pursue a PhD in Philosophy. His interest in Mathematics started in high school where he took math courses through AP Calculus AB and continued in college where he took math courses through Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra as well as several courses in Mathematical Logic. He has participated in many competitions including the  Putnam Competition and University of Rochester Mathematical Olympiad and has also participated in an undergraduate research project on a topic in Dynamical Systems. Simon thinks math is useful, interesting and sometimes beautiful.  He hopes to help others cultivate their mathematical and reasoning abilities and hopes they too might see beauty in the subject.

Favorite Math Topics: Mathematical Logic, Dynamical Billiards

Favorite Mathematician: Tadashi Tokieda

Favorite Number: 213

Favorite Math Related Movie: The Imitation Game

Favorite Shape: Möbius Band

Hobbies: Music, Basketball, Chess, Bowling